Suddenly, I heard a girly squeal right outside the kitchen and Hara entered with a huge smile on her face. "Oh my gosh! That was like the cutest thing ever!!!!" She screamed like a fangirl. It was probably the hormones from her pregnancy that made her feel like that. I saw Jin enter behind her, face-palming at his wife's excitement.

"How long have you been there?" Yoongi asked taking a sip from his coffee.

"Quite some time" Jin said with a mischievous smirk taking a seat beside him while Hara came over to me. She gasped when her eyes landed on my neck.

"You already gave her the mark?!" She gasped and glared at Yoongi. Yoongi ran his hand through his hair ashamedly and mumbled a 'sorry noona'.

She ignored him and hugged me, patting my head while I stood frozen not knowing why she was reacting like this. "I feel so sorry for you! It must've hurt" She said and pulled away to study the mark. I nodded my head in shock.

"Did you get one too?" I asked and she smiled brightly.

"Of course! It was so long ago though... but Jin is really aggressive and sexy in bed so I had fun" She told me excitedly like a schoolgirl telling me stories about her and her boyfriend.

Jin groaned and got up to go away from us. I chuckled and made Hara sit down beside me who was smiling innocently at her husband. Jin went to the fridge, probably to make them breakfast so I decided to help him while Yoongi sat in his place and made small talk with Hara.

Soon we were joined by Kookie and Tae who always seemed to be together. Maybe they were best friends working for Jimin and Yoongi because they were always taking commands from them. I do remember Namjoon telling me about the ranks which makes sense.

"Hey Hyemi noona!" Jungkook said as he entered the kitchen. "Can you please make something for me too?" He asked with a pleading smile and I nodded my head not really minding since I was bored anyway.

"Have you seen Mijoo?" I asked Taehyung who was staring out the window blankly. To be honest the kid looked like he was dumb with that blank stare but if he's the lead hunter, he must really be strong and intelligent.

He shook his head. His eyes widened suddenly as he sniffed the air and looked at me. "Is that... a mate's mark?" He asked and looked at my neck which surprised me since he didn't even look at it but knew that I had it just by ... 'sniffing' me. I still don't know what they mean by mate but he was talking about the mark so I nodded my head.

"Tae... shut up" Yoongi growled glaring at him and they stared at each other for a while, as if having a silent conversation.

3rd person P.O.V

Mijoo sat on the bed in front of Jimin who seemed to be figuring out his thoughts. "Do you believe in supernatural beings?" He asked looking directly into her brown eyes. She frowned at him. 'why is he asking such a question when I'm trying to be serious?' Mijoo thought but ended up nodding her head.

"Do you mean like demons or angels?" She asked.

"Kind of" Jimin replied. "Do you know anything about werewolves or vampires?"

Something seemed to click into Mijoo's mind as she gasped. Flash backs of her hearing the word 'mate' over and over again and Jimin kidnapping her ran through her mind. It all seemed to make sense! This explains why Namjoon was talking about all those positions like the alpha and beta! She put one and one together and as if a bulb seemed to pop above her head, she looked up in complete shock. "You..." she struggled to say it

"You can't be serious"




"You're a werewolf!?" She suddenly screamed in shock causing Jimin's eyes to widen and jump near her and cover her mouth in instinct.

"Shh" he hissed with his hand still covering her mouth and her eyes still wide. "Hyemi might hear you" He said and pulled away. Jimin hadn't noticed how close he had gotten to Mijoo and when he did, his face turned pink. Everyone should've noticed by now that Jimin wasn't like Yoongi. He was a nice caring person who would get embarrassed at the smallest things. However, no one can say that he doesn't have a perverted mind.

"You're a werewolf" Mijoo mumbled to herself and looked down at her hands. She had watched a movie about werewolves and read articles about how they exist but she obviously didn't believe them. How could they even exist? Where do they live? So the full moon theories actually happen?

But then again knowing a real werewolf was so awesome. She smiled in curiosity and looked back up at Jimin. "Can you turn into a wolf?" She asked and her eyes sparkled in interest causing Jimin to chuckle. He loved how cute Mijoo was sometimes.

He stood up and started taking off his shirt when Mijoo squealed in embarrassment and covered her eyes. "I told you to turn into a werewolf! Not get naked" She said with a muffled voice her head buried into a pillow. Jimin chuckled again and fully undressed.

"I need to take my clothes off so they wouldn't tear apart when I turn into a wolf you idiot" He said and suddenly it all went quiet.

Mijoo pulled away from the pillow and peeked one eye open to see if he was still standing there but all she saw was grey fur. She gasped and opened her other eye to observe the scene before her. There, right in front of her, in a bedroom stood a great grey wolf. It was huge and had silver streaks on its soft fur. "J-Jimin" She spoke to it too scared to touch it.

The wolf looked at her put its paws on her knees and wagged its tail. Mijoo reached her hand out to stroke his fur and smiled. "You're so beautiful" She spoke more to herself. She couldn't believe this was the human Jimin that was laughing at her only seconds ago. Now he stood in the form of a great grey wolf with its tongue trying to lick her face and tease her.

"Stop" She laughed and pushed him away while he kept teasing her. Suddenly, Jimin decided to turn back to human form without warning her. "Jesus christ!" Mijoo's eyes accidentally landed on his nether regions as he turned back causing her to turn bright red. She gulped with wide eyes as she observed the size causing Jimin to smirk.

She looked up at him and pretended to faint to avoid the awkwardness. Jimin panicked and put on his boxers then came near her to shake her awake. "You alright Mijoo?" He shook her but she didn't respond. He rolled his eyes and decided to read her thoughts because he knew she was awake.

'Shit that thing is huge. I am never ever ever ever going to do 'it' with him. He will freaking tear me apart. Oh my gosh what to do?' Jimin laughed and ruffled her bangs as she scrunched her face in annoyance and pouted.

She opened her eyes and sat up knowing that he wasn't buying her act. "You could've at least warned me!" She shouted and groaned in embarrassment. Jimin only laughed at her reaction. Mijoo felt a smile spread across her face when she heard his cute laugh. She started giggling and they both looked into each other's eyes.

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