Chapter 5: The Vault

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Chapter 5: The Vault

"Harry wake up, come on everyone wants to see the painting of that horrible woman get ripped off the wall." George said jumping on Harry's bed, laughing as Harry groaned and tried pushing him away.

"Gerroff Fred!" Ron yelled at his brother who was smothering him with a pillow.

"Come on, Mad-Eye thinks there is a secret room or something past the painting since he can't see through the wall!" Fred told them.

"A secret room? Wonder what kind of dark arts stuff is in there?" Harry questioned while getting dressed. "I can't wait to get rid of that evil hag's portrait. I feel like it is the one thing I can do for Sirius is to make sure that painting is out of this house!" They all made their way downstairs, where the rest of the house was waiting as well as Tonks, Mad-Eye, Kingsley, McGonagall and even Dumbledore.

"Good morning Harry," Dumbledore said, his eyes were twinkling more than Harry had ever seen them. "I see you have taken our two faithful house elves into your service."

"Yes Professor, they have agreed to help me keep this house in good condition as well as to remove this ugly painting from the wall." Harry told the old man with the long beard. "So, shall we see what's behind her?" Harry asked the eager crowd.

"You'll never get me out of this house you disgrace to the name of wizard! How dare you defile my house with these blood traitors and mudbloods!" Mrs. Black screeched.

"I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is my house now and I demand to be treated with respect in my own home!" Harry said forcefully. Mrs. Black shut up immediately. "Now, if you would be so kind as to get yourself unstuck from the wall that will save me the trouble of burdening my house elf friends here from doing it." He told her, and to everyone's surprise (except Dumbledore's, his eyes were twinkling for a reason) they heard a sound and her painting slid down off the wall and to the floor.

"Good, now you will remain silent unless spoken to and you will treat guests in this home with respect or I will have this portrait disposed of." Harry told Mrs. Black as Dobby and Winky moved the painting aside. He couldn't believe the old bat had listened to him.

Where the painting had hung was a door. It was a thick wooden door, but it looked like even Hagrid wouldn't be able to break it down. "Can you see anything through it Alastor?" Professor McGonagall asked him, wary of opening a door in a house that was once owned by a family full of dark wizards.

"No, there is either five feet of solid rock or a highly powerful spell, I cannot see through it like I can the other walls." He told them.

"Can you open the door Dobby?" Harry asked as the room collectively backed away from the door. "Be careful, you know the type of wizards the Blacks were."

"Yes sir, Dobby will try." He said as he attempted to gain entry to the room, even with the help of Winky they could not open the door.

"Stand aside," Harry said as he walked up to the door. "I Harry James Potter, the master of this house, demand that this door be opened for me." He said in that same powerful voice he had spoken to Mrs. Black with and the door swung open.

"Very nicely done Harry," Dumbledore told him as the others stood gaping at Harry. "Shall we see what lies beyond?" Harry followed Dumbledore into the room and gasped. It was a vault! There were piles of galleon's, gold, silver, and gemstones. There were cabinets lining the walls full of priceless artifacts. "Ahhh, I see we have found the hidden Black treasure. You see it has been missing for years. Mrs. Black emptied her vaults at Gringotts right after Sirius ran away from home in order to protect her fortune from him. Seems she succeeded, but never the less, this all belongs to you now Harry." Harry was too shocked to respond, he just looked Dumbledore in the eyes, and he knew his Professor could read all that he needed in his eyes. "I'll be back after dinner; we can discuss the order and the other things on your mind then Harry." He said placing his hand on Harry's shoulder for a moment before leaving the room.

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