Chapter 19

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Lauren stood by Camila's side as she offered her hand to the younger girl, who kept a tight grip on it.

"Lauren. This baby... I'm scared that he will turn out to be like his fath-"

"The baby doesn't have a father, the baby has two mothers, Camz" Lauren spoke with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"But the person who got me pregnant, what happens if his evil is passed in to him?" Camila feared.

"Our child, wont be 'evil', wanna know why? Because she will have two loving parents who will teach them right and wrong, they will grow up with respect for everyone, yet will also stand up for themselve​. Camz, I know you're scared about this, but you've got me... Together we are going to face parenthood... We got this, okay princess?" Lauren reassured Camila before kissing her forehead once Camila nodded with confirmation.

"Yo! Walz! Let us in!" Camila and Lauren heard. Camila looked at Lauren and gestured towards the door, indicating that Lauren was to answer it.

"Hey guys, we got a private room, so come in" Lauren greeted as her friends all ran towards Camila with praise for the young woman.

"Mila, how are you doing sweety? Want me to plump your pillow?" Ally asked, whilst Normani held Camila's hand and whispered something in her ear which the two giggled about.

"Dinah! Stop taking selfies of yourself with me in the background!" Camila shouted "especially with me looking like this!"

"Camz, you look beautiful" Lauren reassured her girlfriend as she walked over towards the bed Camila lay on and kissed her girlfriends lips.

"Lauren... I don't believe your bullshit" Camila argued.

"Well, I believe you are beautiful, so if my truth is bullshit to you, then so be it, but my princess looks beautiful" Lauren stated as Camila rolled her eyes.

"So, any news on if baby CJ is gonna be a boy or a girl yet?" Dinah asked as both soon to be parents shook their heads 'no'.

"What do you guys hope for though?" Normani asked.

"A girl"
"A boy"

"Aww, well lets hope for a miracle and pray that its twins! One boy and one girl!" Ally said thinking positively.

"Nope! I am pushing one human outta there, just the one! No more!" Camila exclaimed, shaking her head no.

"At the end of the day, as long as the baby and Camz are both healthy and fine... That's all I care about" Lauren answered truthfully, something which earned tears from Camila. "Camz, whats the matter?"

"I- I LOVE YOU SO- SO MUCH!" Camila sobbed as Lauren chuckled but replied that she too, loved Camila so much.

As the room became quiet, Ally informed her friends that she was no longer dating Jai, something that upset all of the girls, but told her friends that they are still friends, as well as the fact that he basically told Ally that Kiana was interested in her, and that the two girls have been on a date.

"Well, it wasn't really a date, it was more of a 'Jai has broken up with me, and I really need company' meet up thing, but I don't know, Kiana refused to let me pay for any of my stuff" Ally blushed as she recalled the events of the night before.

"So, is our straight Ally gonna do a u-turn and like the girls?" Dinah teased the smaller friend.

"No.... Wait! Yes? I think? Not a u-turn. I understood who I am, and that is that I am bi" Ally spoke to her friends who all nodded in support.

"I can't wait till I'm high" Camila mumbled, not realising what she said out loud until everyone else laughed. "I meant, because of the pain I'm in, I cant wait till they give me something to ease the pain" Camila corrected herself.

"Camz, I'm going to go outside and look for our moms, I'll be back every couple of minutes" Lauren spoke after receiving a text from her phone.

She then left and made her way to the front of the hospital and waited until she saw someone she was expecting.

"Hey Lucy"

"Hey Lauren" Lucy smirked .

The two shared a long hug and engaged in a conversation before Lucy told Lauren that she had to go and meet up with her boyfriend. Lauren nodded and just as Lucy left, Sinu appeared with Alejandro and Sofia.

"Hey, I was waiting for you and my mom, I thought you would have gotten together and drove" Lauren greeted. Lauren then began a conversation with Alejandro and Sinu which carried on until her mother came with her dad. "Right, so if we all go in now, then you can all remember the room" Lauren spoke as she went to the private room that she and Camila had.

"Hola mama" Camila smiled weakly as she saw her mother come in with Lauren.

Lauren took off the jacket that she was wearing and put it in the corner of the room, away from everyone before sitting next to Camila and playing with her hair (something that calmed the latina very well).

"Karla how are you?" Sinu asked.

"Well, I'm still really uncomfortable and the thought of giving birth is petrifying" Camila concluded as everyone around her Laughed, barring Lauren who shown sympathy for Camila. "Its not funny, I'm really scared, what happens if something goes wrong in childbirth and I die?"

"Girl, stop freaking out, that type of shit you've been through and is currently going though only happens in, like fanfictions of peoples OTP's, you aint no one big, so you aint got to worry" Dinah attempted to reassure Camila.

"I ship me and Lauren. Me and Lauren are everybody's OTP!" Camila exclaimed.

"I agree with Camz. Camz and I are everybody's OTP" Lauren spoke, rephrasing Camila's sentence but in her correct grammar.

The two shared a tender look between one another before a nurse came in.

"Okay, so we would just like to check how far you have dilated Miss Jauregui" the nurse spoke addressing Camila.

"Its actually Miss Cabello" Camila corrected before she looked towards Lauren and smiled, "for now".

"I apologise Miss Cabello" the nurse spoke blushing.

"Hey, guys? Could you all maybe go in the other room or something? Give me some privacy?" Camila asked as the friends and family obeyed her wishes. "Lauren... Where are you going? You're staying" Camila laughed as she saw Lauren follow last.

"I was just going to close the door baby, don't worry" Lauren smiled as she kissed Camila.

The nurse cleared her throat before starting after being given Camila's permission to check. "Okay, so far, you are 8 centimetres dilated" she spoke, showing how big that was with her hands. "Once it is dilated, just a little bit more, then we can get prepare to say hello to your little one" she smiled at both Lauren and Camila before exiting the room.

"Do you know how Dinah asked if we knew what baby CJ was going to be? I've just realised that she said 'CJ' because of Cabello-Jauregui" Camila giggled as Lauren looked on in adoration for her girlfriend.

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