sixteen//happy birthday leo

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Leo was already downstairs searching he kitchen before rushing into the living room even checking the coat closet.

Hunter ignored Louis glance as he continued to make Leo's favorite breakfast. "S-" "Don't Louis. I got this." Hunter said as he approached Leo slowly.

Leo frowned as he scanned the last closet only to not find his daddy hiding anywhere like usual. Pouting Leo didn't care as his mommy scoped him up into his arms as he carried him into the living room.

"Mommy where's daddy?"

Hunter didn't respond for a moment as he simply thought of the best way to break the news to Leo. "Mommy where's my daddy?" Leo stressed the part about his daddy waiting for his mommy's answer.

"Well Leo. Remember when we talked about daddy going away for a while."

"Yes. Daddy went to prison but where is he? It's my birthday."

"I know that angel but since daddy in prison he can't come."

"Why? Does he not want to? I promised I've been a good boy." Leo argued as his eyes grew wide. He thought his daddy didn't wanna come because he could have possibly been a bad boy.

"Have you been a bad boy?" Hunter asked trying to quick change the topic. He could tell his voice was getting tight with emotions as he tried to stay calm before Leo.

Leo immediately shook his head no, he was a good boy. He ate all his yucky vegetables expect his spinach, and broccoli he liked those two. He took his bath every night and one in the morning without agruing.

His private tutor even said he was good boy because he would count up to hundred now without messing up.
He could even spell hundred too so that was an added plus. Also, he never entered mommy's private time with his daddy's workers even when he heard mommy yelling.

"I am a good boy. I swear."

"I know you are Leo."

"Then why isn't my daddy here? Does daddy still love me?"

Hunter lifted Leo's chin to make teir eyes lock. "Your daddy loves you to the moon and back. He will always love you no matter what so don't ever question that." Hunter stated.

Leo nodded but he still didn't understand it fully. He didn't understand why his daddy wasn't here for his birthday. "Then mommy why isn't daddy here?"

"Well Leo. Daddy done some things to very bad people and for some reason other people don't like that."

"Like the police."

"Yes. The police didn't like daddy helping them with they're job so they sent daddy away. Far away and because of that daddy can't come home yet."

"So daddy will miss my birthday?"

"Yes angel. Daddy will miss your birthday but I promise you he won't miss anymore after ever again. I swear to you."

"Promise?" Leo whispered as he held out his pinky finger. Hunter giggled at the symbol as he locked his own pinky with his son's pinky.

"I promise. Now, uncle Louis is making your favorite breakfast. Don't you wanna go eat it before it gets cold."

"Peanut butter pancakes!" Leo shouted happily. He loved his peanut butter pancakes. He would eat them everyday if Hunter or Zheng allowed him to.

"An bacon!" Hunter added just as loudly. He was so glad Leo had an short attention spam when it came to food.

"Yes! I'm coming uncle Louis!" Leo yelled as he slid off of Hunter lap before rushing into the kitchen.

Hunter smiled as he watched his baby go before glancing back towards his mantle decorated with family pictures. Smiling Hunter touched his picture of Zheng and Leo when they arranged for an small photo shot.

 Smiling Hunter touched his picture of Zheng and Leo when they arranged for an small photo shot

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Okay little Misfits, I know I haven't updated in a minute and for that I'm sorry.

I've been busy with my senior year and other stupid shit but I promise to never go this long ago.

Anyway HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEONARDO who is an happy six year. I will show in the next chapter how Leo's day went. Until then bye.

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