sixteen//happy birthday leo
[June 13, 2016
5:00 am]

"Inmate 4586! Wake up!"

Zheng groaned as he sat upwards in his cell glaring at the metal door. He fought down the urged to growl and fall back asleep as the door opened.

The Warren stood in the doorway in all his glory as he watched Zheng. The rest of the room stayed dark as the only light came from behind the Warren. He wore a simple suit but he held an six celebration balloons in his hand. "Mr. Lombardi-Fiu aren't you ready for your party."

Zheng narrowed his eyes in the dark room as he waited for some type of attack to happen. "What are you talking about bitch?"

"I'm glad you asked because today is your one hundred thirty-three day with us, also know as your son's birthday!" The Warren announced happily as he let the celebration balloons fly into the room.

"That's not the only celebration, we're also relocating you to the public cells. Enjoy the rest of your day, Mr. Lombardi-Fiu."

Zheng didn't speak as the man disappeared and the door closed taking the light with it.

Zheng felt his heart clench dangerously, as he felt wetness touch his cheeks. "Birthday, it's my baby boy's birthday." Zheng croaked out.

He couldn't believe he forget the day. The second best day of his life, when God gave him his son.

This would be the first time he would miss his son's birthday and it broke his heart.

No matter where he was he always made it back to see Leo on his birthday. He had an way of making it back right when Leo's birthday came. He would hide in a closet and wait for Leo to find him before they celebrated.

Today he wouldn't make it back.

The Warren smiled as he heard the mumbled cries from Zheng Lombardi-Fiu.

'Aww, how the strong crumble.' The Warren thought as he walked away humming an soft tune.
[June 13, 2016
6:56 am]

"Mommy! Mommy! Wake up, Mommy! Now!"

Hunter Lombardi-Fiu groaned as he felt the small feet stomping down on his guts and probably crushing his kidneys.

"Ughh. Leo get off of my kidneys." Hunter groaned as he tried to turn onto his side away from the continuous bouncing.

"It's my birthday mommy!" Leo shouted loudly as he dropped down hard onto his mommy's stomach.

Hunter groaned as he sat upwards rubbing the sleep away from his eyes. Silently Hunter thanked god for not making him a woman, he couldn't handle pregnancy if the baby was as rambunctious as Leo.

He's poor kidneys, and bladder would be crushed just like now.

"Are you listening to me! It's my birthday! Daddy coming home!" Leo screamed.

Hunter's sleep was forgotten as he sat upwards just as Leo rolled off the bed rushing out the room. "Come on mommy!"

"Daddy's home? Zheng. Wait Leo!" Hunter shouted as he rushed after his newly turned six year old.

"Ow fuck, bitch." Hunter hissed as he smacked his foot on the door as he tried to chase after Leo. Sending a glare back to the door, Hunter hopped down the stairs.

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