Chapter 29 - Today (The Smashing Pumpkins ; 1993)

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The next few weeks went by in a blur. My mother and I had to sign damn near a thousand different papers to settle my father's estate and his shares in the stock market. Luckily, for us, my father was smart and never lost anything in the market, which left my mother and I adding a few million dollars to our savings accounts. We also had to spend a few days - actual days - trying to keep the paparazzi away from our house because they were trying to get to me. I told Brendon to go ahead and go back to school without me, but he declined, saying that there was no way he was going to leave me alone at a time like this.

God, I love him.

After everything was settled, however, Brendon and I decided that we didn't want to finish school in San Francisco, so we took Frank and Gerard's offer and transferred over to University of Chicago. We did have to go back to San Francisco briefly in order to pack up our rooms. Since Brendon was in a dorm and my apartment already came completely furnished, the only things we had to worry about packing were our clothes. Brendon finished packing his room far before I did, so he was now helping me pack the things in my room.

Just as we were starting to pack the clothes in my bedroom, a knock sounded from the front door. I finished folding the shirt in my hands before setting it down and standing up, turning to give Brendon a smile as I left the room. As I opened the front door, I was met with not only the harsh winter winds, but with a smiling Matty Healy and someone I'd never seen before.

"Hey, Ross," Matty said, reaching forward to hug me. I wrapped my arms around him as well, returning his welcome as I let him and his friend into the house.

"Brendon," I called down the hall, "c-come out here, we have guests."

The two other men sat down on the sofa as I entered the kitchen. "What would you guys like t-to drink?"

"Whiskey if you got it, mate," Matty answered to to me from the living room. As I was pouring drinks, I heard more greetings pass around meaning Brendon must have made it in the room. I went ahead and made drinks for Brendon and myself as well before heading back into the lounge. I handed everyone a drink and sat on the arm of the lounge chair that Brendon was in, before Matty spoke up.

"Oh," he started softly, hand against his chest, "where are my manners? Guys, this is my boyfriend, George."

I sat my drink down and leaned forward to shake George's hand after Brendon. "Ryan Ross," I said softly. "I've heard a lot of g-good things about you." He nodded, thanking me softly before sitting back down next to Matty, who spoke up again.

"Sorry we're dropping by unannounced," he started apologetically, "but I heard that you were leaving an I wanted a chance to say goodbye and for you to meet George."

I nodded softly and took another sip of my drink. "Yeah," I started as I sat the drink down. "I m-mean, my father just recently p-passed, so th-that has had a rather large imp-pact on my decision, and Brendon wanted to come with me. Also, I don't really see my f-future continuing in San Francisco."

Matty nodded as he took another small drink. "I can understand that," he said softly. "Sorry about your dad, though. Shit must be rough."

I nodded softly, sending him a grateful smile as Brendon gently rubbed my back soothingly. We all continued chatting for a bit, passing around some light-hearted banter here and there, laughing like absolute idiots. Soon, we were all out of drinks, so I grabbed mine and Brendon's and George grabbed his and Matty's before we both headed into the kitchen to refill them.

"So," George started, "how long have you and Brendon been together?"

I laughed gently as I was pouring the drinks. "N-Not as long as you and Matty have, that's for s-sure." I finished pouring ours before handing the bottle to George. "We've only been together for about two months by n-now."

He nodded as he started pouring their drinks. "Are you in love with him?"

I peeked through the opening from the kitchen to the living room where I could see Brendon and Matty laughing ridiculously at what was probably another lame joke. Brendon looked so beautiful, losing himself in his laughter, his smile wide and his eyes crinkled to the point of almost being shut. I felt the faintest of smiles grace my lips before answering George.

"Hell yeah, I am," I answered with full confidence.

I looked over to see George smiling as he was looking at Matty as well. "I'm in love with mine, too," he said softly. "Can I tell you something?"

I nodded my head as I turned to face him, bringing my drink up to my lips. I saw him look at Matty once more before turning to me with a soft grin.

"Tomorrow is our five year anniversary," he started softly as he closed the bottle and slid it back gently. "We're going out to dinner, and, well," he scratched the back of his neck gently, his face flaming up slightly. "I-I'm gonna ask him to marry me."

I nearly choked on my drink as I sat the glass down and opened my arms wide. "D-Dude," I said in a hushed voice, "that's amazing!"

The both of us hugged for a brief moment before we pulled back and he thanked me. We then grabbed our glasses and headed back into the lounge and handed our boyfriends their drinks. I pulled Brendon up by his hand and sat in the lounge chair before pulling him back down, halfway sitting in my lap as he face the two other men, one of my arms around his waist and the other holding my drink.

This went on for a few more hours, just the four of us drinking and talking away the night, before Matty and George announced that they were leaving to get some sleep before their classes tomorrow. We bid them goodbye, watching to make sure they got into a taxi before heading back in the house and closing and locking the door. Brendon and I cleaned up the lounge before heading back to our bedroom, stripping down to boxers and climbing into bed.

"George is going to ask Matty to m-marry him," I whispered to Brendon as I held him close to me.

Brendon lifted his head to look at me with a soft smile. "Is that what took you guys so long making our drinks?" I laughed softly and nodded as I pressed a kiss to his forehead before he spoke again. "Congratulations to them," he said with a yawn. "We're going, right? I'm so gay for weddings."

"You're gay anyway, Bren," I said softly, laughing as he gently slapped my chest. "We'll definitely be going w-when it happens."

Brendon nodded and snuggled closer against me, his fingers tracing patterns against my chest.

"It's gonna be us one day," I whispered, pressing another kiss to his hair. "I can promise you that now."

I felt Brendon smile against my chest before he looked up to me and pressed a soft kiss to my lips. "I can't wait."

I smiled against his lips before kissing him once more.

"Neither can I."

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