Writing a Fight or Battle Scene - How to Start

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"You wanna fight? Fight me." - Bruce Lee


Actually, please don't fight me, I'd rather sit down and have a beer and a natter with friends if I'm honest. My brown belt martial arts days are almost twenty years behind me now and, although they were great fun, I've discovered I really don't like being hit in the head, particularly if I've got my glasses on. 

So, how do you start writing a fight scene? I've always thought writing an action scene is a bit like keeping a dozen plates spinning at the same time, or juggling different shaped objects. But, as long as you're aware of your plates and which plate is doing what (or possibly even what it's turned into since you last touched it), then it's definitely possible for anyone to do. Just as with writing itself, the more you do, the better you'll get. Often the best thing to do is just start. 

There are always different ways to do things, and I think everyone has their own ways of writing action. But in my time on Wattpad I have written one-on-one fight scenes, small group fight scenes, battles scenes, and various other types of action scene in a variety of different universes.  

Hopefully what will follow is some vaguely useful info on how to do fight scenes / action sequences, and I'm always happy to chat if you wish to.

All comments are welcomed. Enjoy =]


Author's Note - This 'How To' is something I originally did for genxblogger's online magazine, and was later posted in the Action club (old forums) following requests to make it a little more widespread. After that, a few people pushed me to make this something a little more formal and post it on my profile, so here it is.

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