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Slanging dope, selling weed, coke and pills was my specialty growing up in the dirty south.

My pops was the most notorious and feared drug trafficker in Georgia so you can basically say he ran this shit. I ain't start running it until my father decided to retire at the age of 45.

A few months after I was born my dad was already In Jail for a conspiracy of murder and was sentenced to 13 years. I was living in one of the worst projects in the south side and spent a lot of my time watching my mom destroy her body with drugs. My dad left us with money but she blew it all. The drugs was an on and off thing and I loved her to death but i just couldn't ever respect a women who couldn't look out for herself just because her man wasn't around.

I was basically raised by two of my uncles who took very good care of the streets while my father  was gone. My uncles groomed me to be the ruthless nigga that I was today. They had more then enough money to get me and my moms a house in the burbs and have me living large at my young ass age but they wanted me to experience the hard living, coming up on my own and establishing my own shit so I could never say anything was given to me. They taught me not to trust everyone and make sure any niggas I keep around was solid. So that meant I had to keep my circle small. I learned the ins and outs of the drug game and i also got many lectures about these money hungry hood rat bitches.

I ain't give a fuck bout no bitch anyway. If it wasn't about money or bussing a nut then I wasn't interested anyway.

Back to my shit though my pops wasn't released till may 7 and that was a day before my 14th birthday. I didn't know he was home until my exact birthday day which I was given a surprise party at our new house in the burbs that my uncles had purchased. The day my pops came home was still one of the most greatest days of my existence. I will forever grind for my parents and make them proud. My father put my mother in a rehab and she completely turned her life around for the better once he came home. They eventually got married, had another child which was my bad ass little brother and shit was more then gravy.

Which is why I'm bringing you to this present day, I'm 22 years old and have now been passed down the streets of Georgia.

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