The Demon WIthin [Naruto Fanfic] Update

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~Chapter 5 Update!~

Alright, for those of you who have actually read this already and saw the incredibly cute yaoi picture [Sorry, lol, I just had to say it xD ] this chapter has been deleted. The new chapter 5 will not be uploaded in a while. Why? Because I’m on a real writers block, trying to come up with an actually cool idea for revenge that is longer than the old one. I mean, what, two and a half pages of revenge for killing her entire clan? What kinda shizz is that? So, this is temporarily on hold until I stop being a lazy ass and actually think of something. Funny thing is, I have a few pages of chapter 6 already done. Anyway, TOTS will be updated whenever I get internet so for those of you also ready that, it will be uploaded. Shoot, I’m like on Chapter 18 or something with that xD

Anyway, thank you for your time.



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