the best things happen when you least expect them

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Niall: Dad

Liam: Papa

Harry: 11

Louis: 11

Zayn: 10


Zayn was used to having life served on a golden platter. He was used to getting his way, forcing his way, and overall just having everything done exactly the way he wants it. But really what else can you expect when you're the only child of two highly acclaimed parents: one being CEO of one of the largest corporations in England and the other being chief of cardiothoracic surgery in the very hospital where every member of the royal family has been born. For Zayn, anything he wanted was given to him because his parents simply didn't have the time to care about what the boy was requesting regardless of the extent.

For the first five years of the boy's life he was raised by nannies, chauffeurs, chefs, and butlers. When the boy wanted ice cream for breakfast he got it, when he wanted a new swingset all he had to do was tell his nanny who would then charge it on the family credit card, and when he wanted to ride the London Eye all he would have to do is crawl into his carseat inside his personal chauffeur's car. To an extent no one can blame the boy for being a spoiled brat because everyone who worked for the family was raised to not say no to the boy because it "caused less problems in the workplace".

However, things changed when Zayn was supposed to start kindergarten. At first the young boy had assumed he would be attending the same school that his neighbors– and closest things to friends– attend which was really just a preppy little primary school that required five year olds to wear ties. Unfortunately, though, Zayn's parents had other plans for the boy.

"Papá, no se quiero," a five and half year old Zayn whines as his father continues to roughly drag him by the arm towards the high, scary gates.

"Nada de eso, ¿me oyes?" Zayn's father says as he stops walking to grab the boy's chin. "Sigue niño, no tenemos todo dia."

And with that Zayn continues to walk as he drags his power rangers book bag across the floor.

Now, I'm assuming you're confused on the Spanish? Well, being a businessman Yaser has found it more than helpful to know multiple languages, however, he had no intention of teaching those to his son because who has time for that? What he did have time to do, though, was hire Spanish and French speaking personals for the young boy to teach him, so that by the time he was old enough for school he was practically fluent in the language. And much to his luck that ended up working perfectly– especially with Spanish– which is how Zayn ended up at the gates of a school titled La Masia de Can Planes, otherwise known as FC Barcelona's Youth Academy.

La Masia is a highly renoud academy that is known for being the home of what many call "the future" of the football team FC Barcelona. To put it simple, when Lionel Messi was 12 years old he was recruited to go there because they knew that he was going to be the best football player in the world. Typically the school does not accept anyone under the age of 6, however, the one time Yaser had decided to play with his son he noticed his natural ability at playing football and decided to record it. That along with the amount of money he was ready to donate to the school made Zayn a shoo in, and even better it allowed him eligible to be one of the 60 students– there being 300 in total– who's allowed to live on campus.

Eventually the father and son make their way over to the front office where immediately Zayn finds himself trying to hide behind his father because of all the tall figures in the room, however, Yaser was having none of it as he pushed Zayn to be in front of him.

"Julio! It's good to see you," Yaser says as he greets the man with a hug which confuses Zayn because his father always tells him that hugs are disgusting.

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