Chapter 28 - New Life

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Chapter 28 - New Life

Screams echoed off the walls filling the corridors, floating down the stairwells. Other than the pain filled shrieks which permeated the air every few minutes, the palace was hauntingly silent, almost eerily so. The servants talked in hushed tones and crept the halls upon silent feet as they went about their tasks. No one commented on the depressive aura cloying the very air around them although all was very aware of the dire seriousness of the situation within the walls of the capitol.

Killian watched the healers come and go, consulting with the keepers and any other elder or scholar within the palace walls. It had been days and still Arabella lay writhing in pain with no baby and no end in sight as far as he could tell. He paced the ante chamber outside their bedroom refusing to leave the small room for long, electing to sleep on the lounge there rather than any of the other bedrooms in their private wing of the palace. He couldn't bear the thought of being more than a few steps away from his wife while she endured this pain.

Another loud cry of pain filled the room causing the king to spin towards the door. Just as he reached for the handles Brom stepped in front of him while Malin pulled him back. He shirked from his brother's embrace before stomping back to the small sofa. Sinking down with his head in his hands, Malin lay a single hand on his back.

"I can't sit here doing nothing while she's in there fighting for her life and that of our child. What kind of man do you take me for?" Killian bellowed not for the first time in the past couple days.

"One who loves his wife. But you won't do her or any of the healers any good in the state you're in at the moment," Malin reminded him while Brom ran a hand through his sandy brown hair. Both men were as visibly upset as he was but tried maintaining a calm exterior for his sake. His eyes darted to the corner where Leander sat unmoving. The older man stared ahead as if in a trance, his features pinched. Those who loved Arabella most were here in this room. Hugh and Brogan stood just outside the room, not able to take the pain-filled screams any longer. He didn't blame them. They were knights, they loved their queen but they were men. Men who weren't used to feeling helpless when someone needed help.

He knew how they felt. Helpless. With each whimper, each cry, each scream which left her lips he felt weaker and more helpless than he ever had before. Him, the great king of Laz-Rooke, former king of Evenmoore. He not only felt it but he was helpless. There was little he could do but demand answers from the poor healers who even now were trying to ease his wife's misery.

"Riven and Carina are with her. When she calms, they'll send for you again." Killian didn't respond more than simply nodding at his brother's words. Despite their truth, it was still hard waiting. This was the process they'd repeated since he had carried her into their chamber from speaking with D'mari. She'd go hours in agony only to calm down for a brief respite before it started over again. The healers were calling it inconsistent laboring pains. They weren't sure why but said it was as if her body was warring with itself. The two sides of her genetics were fighting.

The mortal and the mystic sides were each trying to do something different. One trying to deliver the baby despite it being too soon, while the other fought to hold on to the pregnancy as long as it could. They had no idea if it would be hours, days or weeks his love would have to endure this unknown and this pain. He prayed to both the old and new gods she and the child would come through this ordeal unscathed. He wouldn't survive if anything happened to the woman he loved, he thought as he replaced his head in his hands.

The door opened to their private chamber sometime later causing a still frazzled Killian to rise and cross the room before it had time to open fully. Riven gave him a sad smile before stepping out, allowing him to pass into the room. The windows and terrace doors were thrown open allowing cool breezes to flow through the room the way he'd come to realize many fae loved to live. Staying close to nature, even while indoors, was just part of their lifestyle but it also played a bigger role at the moment. Fae drew their strength from Votierra, so while his wife struggled he knew the healers would do everything in their power to keep her connected to her lifeforce.

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