Chapter Twenty-Eight» Just You

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it's always been you. you just haven't noticed •


Staring at the man in shock. His once calm face now swarmed with hundreds of emotions. It was as though someone had struck him on it; as he leaned in. His finger brushing slowly against my cheek.

" Jaanana, don't cry please. These tears kıll me" he whispered, his face nearing mine, causing my heart to do unexpected flips, feeling warm heat travel down my body. I could see his soft lips press against my wet cheeks; making me close my eyes. Feeling my insides turning.

A swarm of butterflies filled my stomach; allowing my knees to surrender to weakness. Unable to support itself. A lump formed in my throat, not knowing these emotions. Feeling a deserter to his touch.

" Masha'Allah ( All praise to Allah) " he breathed, the soft of his finger brushing against my jawline, before they trailed towards my neck. Making me inhale sharply, feeling warm shivers erupt through me.

" You're going to be the deąth of me" he spoke. His voice hoarse making my eyes shoot open and narrow them, seeing a playful smirk on his lips. Raising my hand towards his mouth, I covered it, earning a dark look from the man as he leaned in. His face nuzzling my neck. Removing my hand, the deep of his voice echoed across my ears, causing me to gasp.

" She was no one. A business partner from Canada who had a drink too much" he breathed out. The warm of his breath fanning against my neck, causing me to squirm, my heart beating wildly.

" Ai Jaanana,  you look sexý when you're angry" he chuckled softly. Making me step back and glare at him, unable to look at his face, I resisted the urge, causing his hands to cup my features. Bringing towards his gaze.

Raising his eyebrow, a teasing look painted his face making me look down, feeling a shy smile engulf me. A deep chuckle ripped from the man's mouth as his strong arms snaked around my waist. Pulling me in.

" I wouldn't ever leave you for another woman. You're my first and Lord, you're my last" he spoke confidently his breath fanning on to my ear. Making me tense, unable to handle all these new emotions.

" Though, did I sense a hint of jealousy" he whispered softly, the warm of his lips trailing on to my neck. The very lids of my eyes shied away from his touch, by closing tightly. Opening my mouth I tried say something yet nothing seemed to come out, as his lips pressed softly against the centre of my neck.

A low sound ripped from my mouth. Causing the man to tense, his hold tightening. Inhaling sharply he took a step backwards. Opening my eyes I dared a look at him, seeing his eyes darken, as though they were drunk, a prisoner to his emotions.

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