Chapter Five

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I sniff the air. Multiple wolf smells. No pack on this land. Rouges must run through here. I am not surprised. This is prime land.

"You're a long way from home, aren't you?" I hear a deep voice growl.

I immeaditly spin around, ready to attack if needed.

"Why do you ask?" I growl back, studying him.

"Because it looks like you've been through hell and back, twice. Plus, there's no pack here for miles around. This land isn't taken over by anyone. Rouges come and go. I've made this lad my home, it's the safest." His deep voice says, no longer growling.

"You're a rouge." I state.

"So are you." He states back.

The realization finally clicks. I have no friends. I have no family. I have no home. I am all alone. I am officially a rouge. One who doesn't belong to anyone. One who is free.

"Yes. I am." I reply back, suddenly feeling really weak.

"How long?" He asks, which causes me to chuckle.

"Since yesterday, I think." I reply. The fight got me all confused. I've either been alone for one day, or two. Either way, not very long. "You?"

"Since I was ten." He states, loosening up his stiff stance.

"How old are you now?" I question, suddenly feeling sorry for him.

"I turned sixteen earlier this year." He replies.

"Oh." Is all I can think of saying.

"The name is Lance. Lance Wilkinson." He introduces himself, holding out his hand. 

"Aubrey. Aubrey Higgins. Nice to meet you, Lance." I reply, shaking his hand.

"Nice to meet you as well, Aubrey. Now, how about you come to my place and we can talk and we can tell each other our stories?" Lance questions cautiously.

He's a rouge. A total stranger who I just met. But I am also a rouge. What do I have to lose? My life, yea. But whatever happens happens. No more living life on the safe side. Look where it got me. Mateless. Rouge. Alone. 

"Sure. Lead the way." I say to him with a nod. 

I follow behind Lance. Studying him more closely than I did before when we first met.

He's tall, possibly about six three. Dark brown hair that's wind blown. Dark brown eyes, unlike any other brown eyes that I've seen. He's wearing blue jeans, a dirty fitted t-shirt with a light jacket. Looks like he has strong arms. Most likely from him being a rouge for so long now. Not going to lie, he's handsome. 

"We're almost there." Lance states, snapping me out of my thoughts.

I walk next to him and look straight ahead. Nothing.

"So your plan all along was to put up a nice front, drag me out into the middle of no where and kill me." I say. Yet, as I say the words, a part of me knows that none of it's true. And I have no idea why I feel that way.

"Of course." Lance replies with a wink. "Right this way if you would please."

Lance weaves through the trees, me following him closely. 

Lance put's his hand on a tree knob and turns it. "Please come in." Lance says, looking around. I walk inside and gape. Lance is next to me within seconds. "Welcome to my humble home, Miss. Aubrey. This is the house I practically grew up in." Lance says, crossing his arms across his chest. 

"You built your home in a tree?" I ask more as a question than as a statement. "No. My parents built this home in a tree." Lance replies with a smirk. I shake my head at him. "I didn't even have a clue. I wouldn't have known." I state, continuing to look around. "This tree is over a thousand years old. Hollow, but strong." Lance says. "It's the perfect size, honest." I tell him truthfully.

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