68. Sam The Bitch

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My pregnancy progressed without complication with Jay attending each test recommended due to my age.

We waited with baited breath and exhaled in unison as each test came back clear.

Of course we faced the everyday risks that a pregnancy involved, but we faced it all positively. 

There was nothing that was going to get in the way of delivering our little one safely into our arms.

Harper had tentatively approached me about expanding the 'Mia Collection' into maternity wear and I agreed wholeheartedly.

She had done so much for me, for us and I absolutely agreed with her proposal.

Jay and I were planning our wedding, due to take place on 4th March. A year to the day that we each took a chance and travelled overseas together.

Harper was designing my dress and she had agreed to be my bridesmaid while Megan was my maid of honour.

Jay had asked Cam to be his best man and almost rescinded when Cam asked if he could be the groom instead. Rob had agreed to be his groomsman.

It was only 2 weeks away and Jay was still undecided about inviting his parents.

"Speak to Megan and Amanda if you need to babe. I just don't want you making a decision you're going to regret later."

Jay knew my parents were long since deceased and ultimately made the decision to exclude his.

"They don't deserve to attend Mia. I love them, I always will, but I don't think I'll ever forgive them. I want a happy day spent with friends, close family and our little one."

He rested his hand on my belly and my eyes welled with tears.

It was all set, now we were counting down the days until we would be husband and wife.

I was in the store choosing my wedding night lingerie when I spotted her. 

My hands immediately balled into fists and my breath became shallow as anger raced through my veins.

She sneered when she saw me, her eyes lingering on my obvious baby bump.

"So its true."  She said calmly as she stepped up to me. 

I raised an eyebrow questioningly and she laughed.

"He knocked you up after he fucked me."  She said as if she was talking about the weather.

I dug my fingernails into my palms as I tried to control my breathing.

"You want to degrade yourself further by playing this game?"  I asked steadily, taking her by surprise.

"He loved me Mia, I almost fucking had him.  And then you came along."  She spat angrily.

"Firstly Sam, he never loved you. He fucked you for the pure outcome of release." 

I was aware of people staring our way, but I didn't care anymore.  This bitch needed to hear the truth.

"Second; you was never even fucking close to having him.  He didn't fucking want you. If he had Sam, you would have known it, you would have felt it with every breath you took."

"And third;  yes, I came along and we fell in love.  We fell in love Sam."

Her face turned red with anger, but I wasn't finished yet.

"And Sam, he never 'knocked me up'.  We made love and created this gift together. Together!  And if you ever, ever, try to manipulate him again, I will personally see to it that those are the last words you ever fucking speak.  Do you fucking understand me?"  I shouted and to my surprise, she backed away. 

She gave me a quick nod before turning on her heel and disappearing.

"Good job honey, now come sit down for a bit, I'll get you some water." 

I turned to face who I suspected was the shop assistant and let her lead me to a seat.

"Can I call someone for you?" She asked as I began to visibly shake.

I nodded and handed her my phone.

"Jay." I sobbed.

She was gone for a few minutes and when she returned she gave me a bright smile.

"He's a keeper honey, you did good to fight for him."

She handed me my phone and gave me a supportive hug.

"He said he'll be here in 10."

"Thank you."

She stayed with me, telling me stories that made me laugh and by the time Jay arrived I was relatively calm again.


The concern in his voice had me tearing up again.

"I swear to god Jay, if I see that bitch again, I'll fucking kill her."

Jay chuckled as he pulled me against his chest and I let go of a fresh wave of tears.

I could hear the shop assistant, Janet, tell him what happened as he held me close.

Jay was on his phone and within what seemed like seconds, I was in Cams arms and Jay had gone.

"It's okay little lady, you're fine now."

I sniffled as I looked up at him, then looked around for Jay.

"He's gone to fix this sweetheart."

I nodded as he helped me stand and we started towards the exit.


I turned back towards Janet and smiled at her gratefully.

"Take care honey. And..." she blushed a little before continuing. "if you don't want this one," she nodded towards Cam. "you can send him my way."

I laughed and gave her a wink.

"Will do. Thanks Janet."

"Wow, she was hot."  Cam said when we were in his car headed back home.

"Really?  You liked her?" 

Not that there was anything wrong with her, I'd just never heard Cam say something like that before.

"Fuck yeah.  Did you not see her?"

"Um, I was kind of preoccupied."  I mumbled.

He reached for my hand.  "Shit sweetheart, I'm sorry.  Are you okay?  From the little I heard, it sounds like you handled yourself well." 

He squeezed my hand reassuringly.

"Yeah, I'm fine Cam.  I told that bitch what she needed to hear."

"I'm proud of you Mia. Whether you realise it or not, you're fucking strong. You fight for what you believe in, for who you believe in. Jay is lucky to have you and he fucking knows it. He knows how close he came to losing you Mia and he's not going to let it happen again."

"He's not going to lose me Cam."

I was a little embarrassed by Cams outburst.

"He's doing now what he should have done months ago Mia. He's confronting Sam with the truth. Trust him to do it properly."

I nodded. "I do trust him."

I placed my hand on my belly.

"We both do."

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