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This was requested by my good friend Queen-hemmings Hope you like it girl

You were currently on your way to Starbucks to get your favorite drink, a pumpkin spice latte which you always ordered there every single day. It was a cold winter day and the air was chill so you held your scarf against you as you made the ten-minute walk. Once you arrived you waited in line to get your beverage which you were the second person in were called next.

"Hi, may i help you?" The cashier asks.

"Yes i would like a Pumpkin Spice Latte'." You replied.

"Okay, your total

"Okay your total is $4.95 and what name are we putting on the cup?" She asked in a bored tone.

"Lily and here you go." You said handing her a five dollar bill.

"Okay we'll call you when it's ready." She says handing you your receipt and change.

You nodded and found a quiet table in the corner by the window but as you made your way there someone had bumped into you making you fall.

"Oh my gosh i am so so sorry I wasn't watching where i was going." The stranger said in a southern Irish accent.

"Apparently." You reply dusting your pants off.

"Sorry again." He says.

You finally got a good look of the stranger and noticed he we was attractive with Brown brunette hair and blue eyes, strong build and fairly tall.

"It's no problem at least you apologized." you said, smiling.

"Well that's  how me mum raised me, good manners and to be polite." He says,smiling

"Your not from around here are you?" You asked, making small talk.

"No I'm from Mullingar, Ireland moved here to work at a record label.

"Awesome, what label?"

"Sony records."

Your eyes went big "wow a lot of famous artist go there." You say and knew it was a stupid answer. Of course famous artist go there.

"Yeah and oh by the way my name is Niall Horan."

"Nice to meet you, my name is Lily (y/l/n)."

"Likewise and nice name." Niall flirts and you blushed like a tomato.

You and Niall were still chatting but your name was called

"Well this is me i guess I'll see you around Niall Horan." You said wrapping your black scarf.

You grabbed your stuff and was about to go out the door but Niall called out to you.

"What is it?" You asked confused.

"I know we just met and all but I was wondering if you would like to accompany me to dinner tonight, and this could be me paying you back for bumping into you."

You were hesitant at first because you only had just met this stranger not even an hour ago but he seemed nice and you could get to know him.

"Okay it's a date." You reply, happily.

"Okay then it's a date." He replied.

You both put your numbers in each others phones and went your separate ways. On your way home Niall had texted you.

I'll pick you up at 7 whats your address?

110 cherry lane apt 3 ( made up address)

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