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"I feel like I'm going to explode one day" I mumbled, squeezing a pillow.

"Stop bring do dramatic, Andy" Phil laughed, taking his eyes off his computer and smiling to me.

"I can't, Phil. He's killing me. I'm so worried one day I'll just say it all and he'll get all freaked out and never talk to me again"

"Well, depends how much you haven't said to him"

I bit my lip, thinking about everything I've wanted to say but held back "I don't think I've told him anything in twenty years"

"Congratulations, you're officially the worst best friends"

I groaned, flopping onto his bed "It's not like that. He has emotions, and sure, he shows them sometimes, and those times are amazing, but he just seems so... So-"

"Indifferent? Detached? Cold?"

"Shut up English and Literature major"

He chuckled, turning back to his computer and typing "I still think you should tell him"

"That I love him? I don't think so"

"You never know," He shrugged "people can surprise you"

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