#10. Let's Meet The Folks

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The tailor got to the house within fifteen minutes of Brian calling him, which gave him enough time to fit a new suit, and pay for the one that he had gotten tailored

The suit was for a meeting that he had set up for later on in the week, but wearing it to meet Mona's parents would do just fine as well

Brian heard a whistle from behind him while he was fixing himself in the mirror, "Someone looks dapper" Mona said, as she came into view in the mirror

He smirked at her, as he ran his hand on the suit's material, loving the feel of it, and also how it looked on him

"Remind me why I'm not supposed to dress up?" Mona cocked an eyebrow, "I mean, look at how handsome you look" she smiled at him through the mirror

"Because my pixie" Brian turned around to face her, "you not meeting my parents, I'm meeting yours. First impressions is everything liefie(lovey)" he pecked her lips, wrapping his arms around her

Mona pouted, "Fine" she whined slightly, "Let's get going. I wanna get there a bit early, so my dad can get a feel for you, while I help my mum out with the cooking" she tapped his chest lightly before walking out the room

Brian took one more look in the mirror, fixed his bowtie, before walking out of Mona's bedroom

He had on a navy blue pinstripe two piece suit, a violet pocket handkerchief with matching bowtie, and a baby blue dress shirt. His shoes would've been his dark brown dress shoes, but he left them at his crib, so his black ones would do. He matched the shoes with his diamond printed navy blue socks

He descended the staircase, and looked around for Mona once he reached the bottom of the stairs, "You ready?" She asked, as she came out from nowhere, looking sexier than when she left him in the bedroom

Mona had on a pair of light blue, distressed boyfriend jeans, that were folded around the ankles. Black printed, off the shoulder shirt, with her black ankle gladiator Louis Vuitton red bottom heels

Her make-up was at a minimum, with her winged eye, nude lip gloss, and a little blush

As Mona passed by Brian, he could smell the BLVGARI that's she had sprits on herself, and he found it weird that they used the same brand of perfume, except hers was the feminine version

It had him thinking that if they weren't going to Mona's folks place, he would have her pinned against the wall, testing out if this chemistry that they seemed​ to have goes into the bedroom as well. But he knew that they needed to move a little slow, with the way they were around each other, he didn't want to freak her out before getting into a relationship first

He cleared his throat, "Yeah...I, uh, am ready" he said, as he discreetly tried to fix his hard-on

Mona smirked, "Ait" she leaned up at him so she could kiss his lips, "Let's go" she said, as she walked to the front door

Brian sighed, "Pixie, if you keep playing, I might just have to punish you hard" he whispered, following behind her

He locked the house behind him, while Mona opened her garage so she could drive her Maserati

"We taking my car" he said, as he casually walked towards his matte black 2012 Chevy Camero, which he had swapped with his Range Rover when he went to go get a few clothes at his crib

Mona smacked her teeth, looking back at Brian, "No we not" she mugged him

"Yes we are" he looked back at her, as he hit the fob so he could unlock his car, "Now it's either you get in, or I pick you up and force you in pixie. Your choice" he said, as he opened the passenger door for her

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