You wanted it.. so here it is

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I love helping people, entertaining is one of my many skills. I will be werid, but as long as I am loved (or  maybe not) it all does not matter to me.  I will think, learn,  I watch odd shows... When I was little, I was always tormented.. but because of that I am stronger.. I can trust myself, and the things that I do.  I do not explain myself to others because if I do they just won't get it... and why would I want to even try.. anywhos, I love to act like myself and not live up to anyones expectations.I am me if you don't like that, don't be a hater just walk away.. no one is making you hang out with me.. and me I am not going to leave just because you are uncomftorble around me...

    Me I am a tom boy, I have better things to worry about then what my hair looks like, or impressing people... I don't worry about dates or cry when I brake up with someone... Why waste my time when I have my whole life a head me.  I mean I do not like hurting people but I do not like to sitting there thinking what could be.  Because, what I know is real, and what I know is a dream, is what I know... I don't care what people think of me because that would just get in my way of living my life....   I love making jokes at the worst possible time to eaz the tention. I don't like it when people corner me with a bunch of questions... I don't like it when I don't anwser someone they make me feel like I did somthing wrong... I do not like the lovey dovey crap. I rather keep to myself.  I don't really like hugging, i do not like dates... no I just randomly hang out with my friends... I don't like it when I am left out of the group... I Hate it whenn people are being judgemental, and being haters.  I am me.. thats what i have always been....That is the way is will always be... no matter what I do i am going to be me.. weather I am in love or hating someone.. I am me.. One of my most favoritest shows is House of anbis.... Nena and Fabin are my two favorite charactors... I love to play video games, and watch movies... I love making reports on what I watch, and things I taste... I love to cook... Acting and writeing stories is the only way I can acctually express myself... No-matter what I do I am always coming up with new ways to act and write stories... My best stories are with an edge

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