66. Real Life Fantasy

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I woke to his light kisses on my belly.

"Good morning little one. Mummy is going to give daddy his breakfast, then she's going to feed you. I love you."

Another soft kiss followed and he looked up to see me smiling at him.

"Good morning mummy."

He smiled as he raised my leg and kissed my inner thigh.

"Open your legs baby."

The look in his eyes brought back his words from last night and I felt a rush of excitement as I did what he asked.

I gripped the sheets beside me as he licked the length of my slit, before drawing my clit into his mouth, my climax building quickly and painfully.

"Jay." I gasped as I tried to pull away, his arms wrapping around my thighs and holding me in place.

"Stay with me Mia." He whispered against my clit, my body shaking at the sensation.

He drew his tongue over me again before his lips latched onto my swollen lip and he sucked hard enough to mark me.

"This is my cunt Mia." He told me as he opened me up and pushed his tongue inside me.

"Mine to look at, mine to touch; suck: lick; fuck; whatever I want Mia."

His eyes met mine as his fingers entered me, immediately pushing against my gspot.

"Do you agree babe?"

"Yes Jay."

"Tell me Mia."

"My cunt belongs to you Jay." I panted as he pushed his fingers deeper. "I love feeling you inside me." I added with a moan as he licked my clit.

"I need to taste you Mia.  Right fucking now." 

He licked and nipped and rubbed and fingered, ripping my scream from my mouth as he ripped the orgasm from my body.

"Good girl."  He said as his tongue lapped the cream from my pussy. 

"I've missed your taste baby." 

He held me tight as I tried to move away, my body too sensitive for his constant touches.

"Stay with me Mia." 

It was a demand disguised as a request as his tongue began its relentless probing and I felt myself climbing at a rapid pace.

"Jay, stop it's..." 

It was too much, too quick and it was almost painful, but Jay held me in place as he continued to ravage me.

"My cunt Mia; my fucking cunt!"  He growled, the vibration humming through my body, my pussy clenching his fingers while he sucked my clit.

He knew how to touch me, how to speak to me, he knew how my body would respond and we were both rewarded with a rush of juices.

I laid on the bed trying to get movement as Jay disappeared into the bathroom, coming back out with a moist wet cloth that he used to wipe my pussy and thighs.

"We need to feed our baby."  He said sweetly as he reached for my hand and helped me stand.

"Where's my bag?"  I asked as I looked around, remembering it was downstairs. 

"Would you mind grabbing it while I use the bathroom?"

He was sitting on the bed dressed only in shorts, his mouth watering chest on display.  My eyes scanned over his tattoo and I smiled when I realised he had a permanent reminder of me on his body.

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