Chapter 3- The 29th

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They looked at each other and smirked. 

"So, you got our gift!" They exclaimed in unison

"Sadly... yes." I said, faking a disappointed tone tone.  "Couldn't you at least have brought me a matching sink?"

They laughed again.

"I just knew you would love them!" Ginny squealed. 

Ron covered his ears and elbowed her. "Please Ginny, louder." He said sarcastically, eliciting a chuckle from all of us.

"So, what're you in for?" Fred asked in a heavy accent. 

"Sleeping for a week!" I smiled, sitting up a bit straighter "But really I can't remember..."

"Dementors." Hermione butted in. Fred and George turned to me and fake-gasped. George pretended to faint into Fred's arms. 

"Really, though. We hope you get better!" George said. 

"Heh, thanks!" I said. I relaxed and fell back onto the pillow. Then Madame Pomfrey burst in through the door.

"Fred! George!" She scolded, "Professor Lupin is looking for you! You can't just walk off!" She ran up to them and shooed them from the Hospital Wing, George turned back to give me a wink before leaving. He was cute!   I thought, and then immediately mentally slapped myself.  You can't fancy your friend's brother!

Madame Pomfrey took my hand. "Goodness its wonderful to see you awake, Miss Ma-"

"OH! Thanks for everything Madame P.!" I cut her off, my friends couldn't know my last name!  Madame Pomfrey smiled and patted me on the head before going to tend to the other kids. Ginny looked at me in suspicion, I tried to ignore it. 

"Oh! That reminds me! Iris, your robes!" Hermione said, holding up a black hooded robe trimmed in gold and red. I pulled it from her hand.

"They're perfect!" I exclaimed, "And the colors are better than green and silver!"

"Yeah, you're a real Gryffindor now!" Harry grinned.

I sat up and hugged them all before sending them back to their classes. 

"Don't forget to visit again!" I called after them.  Once they were gone I slumped back into my pillow again.


I woke up, from the window I could see the sun hanging low in the sky, and the sunset's light stained my sheets a brilliant red. Gryffindor colors! I thought to myself.  My head was throbbing, I grabbed the cup from my side table and sipped it. I was so bored. I wasn't even allowed school work because apparently Dementor attacks left you unable to comprehend.

I looked over to my baskets of treats, the toilet seat was gone though because Madame Pomfrey found it "unsanitary." Even though Fred and George swore it was clean.  The hospital door creaked open. I was expecting one of my friends but then I saw the stark white hair...

"Draco!" I squealed.  Draco walked over calmly and sat at the foot of my bed. 

"Hi Mercury." He said, grinning. (I know, Draco...grinning?!) 

"How are you?" he asked.

I smiled. "Perfect! I'm totally fine, Draco."

"I just wish you were in my train car. Then you wouldn't be here." He said coolly

"You don't know that." I shot back calmly.

He smiled again. "Still stubborn I see." I bolted up and hugged him. 

"We miss you in Slytheryn." He said sincerely.

I pulled back. "Yeah, I miss Slytheryn!" I lied.  "But I have made some great friends!

"Potter...  and those Weasels!" He spat, his jaw clenched.

"Draco! You know I hate Pansy, so we're even." I stated. He paused and there was a moment of silence. I saw his muscles relax.

"I guess so." He said finally, allowing another smirk.

There was another pause when I suddenly remembered something of dire importance.



"What is today?"


"Not like that you git!  What day of the month?"

"Oh.... um, the 29th. Why?"

"Shit..." I muttered.

"Draco, help me up. I need to get outta here!" I commanded.

"Mercury! You still are on bed rest for another three days!" He said, with genuine worry.

I shook my head. "Trust me, It's one less patient to worry about!" As soon as I stood I felt weak. I almost fell but Draco caught me and I sat back down. 

"Hand me my robe." I commanded. Draco grabbed the silky robe from the side table and handed it to me. I just slid it over my hospital gown and tried to stand again. It was easier but I leant on Draco for support.  

"Can you walk me to my dorm?" I asked.

He nods, and I grab my wand off the side table and make my way down the hall with Draco at my side.   

The walk down the hall was VERY long. But soon enough we made it to the portrait of the fat lady.

"Password?" She bellowed

"Honey Sticks."  The portrait swung off, revealing the hole in the wall, Draco boosted me into the entrance, and I waved goodbye. The portrait swung shut behind me. I desperately hope no one heard it. I stand up again and take a moment to balance myself.

 The fire flickers happily in the fireplace, casting a pleasant orange glow on the leather seats around it. It was much better than the ugly green fire in Slytherin, not to mention warmer. I sat myself down on a cherry red, leather seat by the fire and loomed over the fact that tomorrow was the full moon. The night I would shift into a wolf. I let out a heavy sigh. 

"Hello?" I heard an oddly familiar voice from the boy's dorm stairs, but I couldn't quite place it...

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