Chapter 1- Mercury Iris Malfoy

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"Mercury Iris Malfoy!" my mother scolded me. "The train leaves in half an hour and you're still sleeping!" She yanked the covers off of me and I curled into a ball.

"Mum...Five more minutes!" I whined.

"Mercury that's five minutes we don't have!" her tone softened. "Now, UP, UP, UP!!" She shooed me out of bed and I dashed for the bathroom, keen to avoid her wrath.  My mother could be a right old dragon when she wanted to.

  Staring groggily in the mirror, I began brushing my long locks of hair.  I wasn't exactly the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts.  Everyone in my family was blessed with silky hair, thin frames, and handsome faces, but then there was me; curvy, with a rounded face, and high cheek bones.

I brushed on a coat of foundation, followed with blue eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara.  Navy blue tights, tan shorts, and poofy blue blouse with a thick belt to show off my waist was on the menu for today.  I grabbed the last of my bags and nearly tumbled down the flights of stairs.  Malfoy Manor was rather large, too big for my liking, but it was home.

"Mercury! Wonderful!" Narcissa said, clasping her thin hands together. "To the car, dear! Off you go!" I gave a sigh and lugged my bags to the car.  Draco sat in the back looking pissed as usual.  I loaded my bags and clambered in next to him.  Lucius was in the driver's seat (though the car drove itself) and Narcissa slid gracefully into the passenger seat.  My mind was ablaze with thoughts of Hogwarts.

 I mourned my life in Slytherin, but I had made great friends in Gryffindor house.  I couldn't wait to see Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and especially Harry.  It wasn't that I liked Harry as anything more than a friend, but I knew it really got under Draco's skin that I even thought it decent to call "Potter" by his first name.  Thank God Lucius didn't know, he would have my head!  Mother was so excited, she commented throughout the whole ride of how proud she was, she even forced a few sentences from Father.

 As we arrived at King's Cross, my heart began pumping a beat inside my chest.  Would everything be different?  Of course not.  Why would it?  Nervously, I yanked my bags from the trunk, and Draco followed suit.  Stealthily weaving through the crowd, we swiped carts to throw our gargantuan bags on.  We pushed our way through the ridiculous gaggle Muggles and found the brick gateway to the platform.

"You first, Draco," I whispered, nudging him.  He smirked at me and casually strolled through the brick wall.  I bid my parents adieu and ran for the wall, after all these years I'm still too nervous to walk.  Of course he had already found his goons.  I shook my head and allowed my eyes to  searcharound.  Then, I saw the messy, flaming red hair, none other than Ron Weasley.  Grabbing Draco's arm, I informed him that I wouldn't be sharing a train car with him, and proceeded to dash off.  My earlier assumption was correct, he was stood by the train.  It wasn't until I had barely recollected my composure that he glanced my way. 

"Iris!" He exclaimed.

"Ron!  You remembered me!" I gave him a tight hug. Ron blushed scarlet and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Yeah, well, I couldn't forget you!  We're so glad you're a Gryffindor now!" He grinned a toothy smile and I laughed warmly.

"Now we just have to wait for the others." But as soon as I had said it, Hermione and Harry came dashing over.

"Iris!" Hermione said, wrapping me in a constricting hug. "How've you been?" She breathed, releasing me.  I looked at the three of them.

"Fantastic!  I'm so glad you three are here!" I was grinning goofily.  Draco swaggered over with his posse trailing behind.  He bumped into Harry purposefully, turning to look at him with unconcealed disgust.

"Watch it, Potter!" He sneered.  Thank God he didn't notice me!  I wouldn't want my three friends to know I was siblings with the prince of Slytherin.  They didn't know my last name, they thought it was Mercury.  I hadn't directly lied...just misled them.  Harry straightened his glasses and we resumed  our mindless chatter.  A voice from behind indicated that Ginny was rapidly approached, and soon after arms wrapped around me.

"Iris!" I turned around and came eye to eye with Ginny, I hugged her back, laughing.

"Ginny!  This is brilliant now we can all share a train car!" I exclaimed.  The bright red train let out the blow of a whistle, and a puff of smoke followed shortly after.

"ALL ABOARD FOR HOGWARTS!" shouted a man waving a lantern.  Joyfully, I scurried onto the train, followed by my fellow Gryffindors, and found a suitable compartment.  Finally sitting down, Hermione let out an indignant snort.

"Something wrong?" Ginny asked.

"Honestly, Harry!"

"What is it I've done this time, Hermione?"

"Look at the state of your glasses!  Have I taught you nothing!  Occulus reparo!" she flicked her wand and the glasses repaired themselves, sparkling in the light filtering through the window.

"Why is it I can never remember that spell?" he mutters as he inspects his now perfect glasses.

We resumed chatting merrily, when halfway through the ride the train shrieked to a stop.  The pistons let out a great burst of steam.  

"We can't be there yet!" Hermione exclaimed.  Ginny gasped and grabbed for Harry as the windows slowly froze with thick slabs of ice.  Ron put his hand on the frosted window.  

"Something's moving out there." Ron said ominously, and that was when the chill started in.

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