My Best Friend

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You watched my heart break a hundred times, and you still pick me up.

I cried the night away and you listened if you could have held me you would've.

Every time we get close I push you away and I fear I'm lying to myself.

When in pain you are the only one who has always been there for me.

I'm lost, I'm broken, and I'm hurt and at my worst you still see beauty in everything I am.

Why can't I see you, you've always been right there in front of my eyes.

Why do my heart and head match except for when you are around me.

I fall for you every time never really getting over you I have loved you so deep.

My best friend, my one confidant, everything you should be but still the time is wrong.

Your smile and laugh haunt my dreams but when I see you I laugh you off.

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