Red~A George Weasley Love Story

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NAME- Mercury Iris Malfoy (goes by Iris)

AGE- 15.5

BLOOD- Half-Blood (even though Malfoy's are pure blood, plays into a plot twist)

TALENTS-  Potions, literature

LOOKS- long, curly brown hair

-purple eyes that turn yellow during a full moon

-about 5"6

-very thin but has curves, fairly busty

-pale skin

- round face with soft features.

PERSONALITY- usually quite the joker but can be deadly serious when needed

-shy around new people but will quickly warm up to almost anyone

-when she is angry she goes into a tantrum.

EXTRA- She is in her fifth year of Hogwarts

-friends with Hermione, Ginny, Harry, and Ron since the end of fourth year

-Gryffindor house and has only met two Weasleys, Ginny and Ron

-half brother is Draco Malfoy

-mother is Narcissa Malfoy

-father is Lucius.

-originally in Slytherin until the end of fourth year but was re-sorted into Gryffindor after a werewolf attack

First few chapters were originally on quizilla 

Salut! My name is Lotte! This is my first story on  Wattpad; I am very excited to hear feedback! I am an avid writer and have my own story going outside of Wattpad. I really hope you enjoy my story and if you plan on reading the chapters to come I would love to hear from you! I am very aware of my readers and if you ever have an idea or have something to say about my story I would love to hear it! Don't be shy! I keep a tab open on Wattpad all the time so I should reply quickly! thank you soo much! :) hope to see you in the chapters to come! 

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