March 5th 2012

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March 5th 2012: 

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while, college work is really piling up right now. Now that I've got some free time, I guess I should update you on what's going on with my life. The short answer: not a lot. I'm still sixteen, still in college and still single. And as much as I try to convince myself otherwise, none of that's going to change any time soon. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure I want it to change. I feel like I've adapted to being this way, so realistically any sudden changes would just throw me off balance. Sometimes I look at the simplistic way I live my life and feel contented. But sometimes I can't help but feel that there should be more to it than this. Hold on, mum's shouting me. I've probably forgotten to do something again.

Yep, I forgot to load the dishwasher. It's like I'm the only one with the knowledge of how to load it up in this house. Like it's some specialist skill that only I possess. Now where was I? Oh yeah, the philosophical "must be more to life" stuff. I often wonder if I should be out there, doing something, instead of spending my life at my computer. But then I realise; there's nothing out there that really interests me anymore. There used to be, but that was a long time ago...

Crap, I have to go. Honestly, this isn't some ingenious plot device to hook you into reading my next blog, my dad's home, and he's probably going to give me the whole lecture about how I need to "get a life". TTYL.

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