65. A Precious Gift

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"I'm pregnant."

In the 2 seconds it took me to respond my mind processed a million thoughts.

She's having a baby. Our baby. A baby I knew nothing about until a second ago, a baby I already couldn't wait to meet and hold in my arms.

A baby, who I already loved as much as its mother. Our baby.

I rolled her stiff body so she faced me and lifted her chin.

"Look at me Mia."

She squeezed her eyes shut before opening them and looking up at me. The fear left her eyes and was replaced with surprise.

"You're happy?" She asked as her hand reached up to my cheek, my grin so wide my cheeks were hurting.

"You're having our baby?"  I asked, my voice thick with emotion. 

She nodded.

My lips crashed against hers, my hand moving down to rub her non existent belly. 

"I love you."  I said over and over as I kissed her mouth, her cheeks, the happy tears that rolled from her eyes. 

I kissed her face everywhere as I thanked her for giving me such a precious gift.

She was giggling, the sound like music to my ears as I put my face to her belly and spoke to our baby.

"Hi little one, this is your daddy."  I wiped away the tear that fell from my cheek onto Mia's stomach as I spoke.

"Mummy just gave me the best, most exciting news ever.  She told me that she was growing you in her belly.  I promised mummy that I would always look after her and I promise you the same, little one."

Mia's hand rested on my head, her fingers massaging my scalp as we both fought our emotions.

"I can't wait to meet you little one, I've only just found out about you, but I already love you so much.  As much as I love your mummy."

I couldn't speak anymore and I kissed her belly before moving back up to hold her tight.

We were both struggling to regain our composure as I held the woman I loved more than life itself.

"How long have you known?"  I asked as I stroked her hair.

"I did the test at the airport when I landed.  I had to know Jay.  I had been sick for weeks and couldn't brush it off as stress anymore. I had to know."

"Were you happy?"

"Yes.  I was worried, but I was happy." 

It was a relief for me to hear her say that.

"And if you weren't pregnant?  Would you still have come?"  I asked tentatively.

She pulled back from me, her beautiful green eyes filled with love. 

"Yes."  She whispered. 

Her hand reached up and cupped my cheek. 

"Yes Jay, I was coming back to you."

Our lips met, gentle at first, then filled with longing.

"You cut your hair."  I growled against her lips.  "As beautiful as it looks Mia, it was a naughty thing to do."

I felt her body quiver as she drew in a harsh breath and exhaled it as a moan.

"Oh baby."  I whispered against her neck.  "That was a bad idea.  So very naughty."

"I know."  She breathed. "I'm sorry."

"How sorry?" I asked as I nipped the soft skin where her neck met her shoulder.

My hand moved down her back to rest on her ass.

"Sorry enough to accept the spanking I deserve."

Her husky voice and glassy eyes had my cock kicking against her.

I lightly tapped my hand against the soft skin of her bottom.

"You want me to spank you?" I asked, unable to hide my amusement.

"Yes Jay. I want you to spank me and I want you to fuck me; and kiss me; and touch me; and..."

She swallowed deeply, but she continued.

"And punish me Jay. Punish me for staying away." She pleaded, her eyes begging me.

"Well, you have been very naughty." I whispered and her lips turned up in a smile.

"And naughty girls do need to be punished."

"Yes." She whispered.

"Come and have a shower with me Mia, I'll punish you tomorrow. Right now we need to clean up and you need to rest."

She reluctantly agreed with me and I began to think what I was going to do with her perfect little body over the next few days.

I soaped my hands, rubbing them over every inch of her skin, her body responding to each touch.

She whimpered as I held her back against me, my arm over her breasts and my other hand between her legs.

"I love your cunt Mia." I whispered against her ear as I ran my fingers along her wet slit.

"Tomorrow I'm going to show you how much I've missed it; how much I've missed sucking and touching and smelling it."

She moaned as her nipples hardened against my arm.

"Jay." She breathed through her slightly parted lips as her head dropped back against my shoulder.

I continued to tease her by rubbing my thumb over her swollen clit.

"I'm going to show your body what it's been missing baby and I'm going to make sure that you crave my fucking touch."

I quickly dipped a finger inside her, her legs opening in anticipation.

"By the time I'm done with you, you'll never want to be apart from me again Mia. You're going to know exactly how I felt for the last few weeks."

I slipped another finger inside her as I bit her shoulder, her body shaking as she cried out.

"Are you going to be a good girl Mia?"

I asked as I pulled my fingers from her warm pussy and placed her hands against the tiles.

"Yes." She rasped out as I gripped her hips and nudged her legs open wider, my hard cock sliding inside her with one hard thrust.

"I fucking love how tight you are around me."  I growled as my teeth grazed the back of her neck.

Mia had once told me of her fantasy of having someone control her, as I fucked her tight, perfect pussy I thought of how her fantasy was about to become a reality.

The mother of my child was going to experience what she'd spent years wishing for.

"I love you."  I grunted as she milked my cock.

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