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DISCLAIMER: These tips come from my experience

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DISCLAIMER: These tips come from my experience. Please note that everyone is different so do what fits you best.


Flashcards seem to work the best for me about almost everything. If you are ever too lazy to make them search for it on "Quizlet". You will probably find what you want. Also, it saves paper!


Sometimes, teachers would give you a study guide, or tell you what you need to know for your quiz, text, exam, etc. If a teacher gives you one use it because it is helpful! If you do not receive one, make your own. Look through your book and point out important parts. For example, in a foreign language note the grammar, vocab you need to know, and culture if you have any.


Personally, physically writing out the information I know helps a ton. So that is why I would encourage writing out a study guide or writing out your flashcards. The movement of you hand writing and your brain watching what you are writing will help you remember whatever you need to know.


If you know you have a test in advance, set up dates where you will forget about everything around you and exclude distractions just to study. Studying beforehand for me has totally led to better grades. Also, creating a study plan would be great!


Study with a friends that will not distract you. That is the time where you can quiz each other and teach the other person what they don't know and vice versa. Teaching someone else easily is a good sign you know what you need to know for the test.


HEY! I hope you liked that chapter on study tips. If you want more comment down below so I could do a part two. If you like school DIYs, TIPs, and LIFE HACKs be sure to vote so I know to do more.

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