DIY || workout routine [no gym]

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This is for those who are too lazy to go to a gym or can't access one. Also, this "routine" is like mixed with cardio, abs, etc. However, your heart will be beating and you will be tired after!

In addition, you can find a ton of different routines online. Especially, on pinterest!

Let get right to it!


1. 60 seconds jumping jacks

2. 60 seconds side to side leaps

3. 60 seconds rest

4. 60 seconds run in place

5. 60 seconds shuffle side to side

6. 60 seconds rest

7. 60 seconds mountain climbers

8. 30 seconds rest

9. 60 seconds burpees

10. 30 seconds rest

11. 60 second high knee run

12. 30 seconds rest

13. 60 seconds squat jumps side to side

14. 60 seconds rest

15. 30 seconds air jacks

16. 15 seconds rest

17. 30 seconds squat jumps

18. 15 seconds rest

19. 30 seconds jumping jacks

20. 15 seconds rest


Obviously this looks like it is very long, but a lot of it is resting! Whenever you feel you can skip a rest break, skip it. I have done this cardio workout before, and I believe you guys can do it if your try! If you want to see other workout outs like abs, growth, etc. Comment.

Also tell me down below what other DIY's, TIPs, and LIFE HACKs you would like to see. Such as, room/office decor, desk decor, diy supplies, etc.

BYE for now,


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