Trent boyett x Stan's sis! reader ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling ~

~Your POV~

Today was the day I'm going to tell my family that I have a boyfriend, I know Stan is going to ask who he is and the usually questions but I also know that he isn't going to like him.

I'm Stan's little sister it's his job to worry but not like this, he is scared of my boyfriend ever since Stan blamed him for setting the kindergarten teacher on fire and my love went to juvy.

Me and my family are sitting at the table eating dinner "Mum, dad, Stan and shelly I need to tell you some very important" I said being extremely serious

"Honey we are listening" my mum said nudging my dad

"Ok well... I have a boyfriend" I said being very confident

"WHAT?!" Stan yelled

"Yes Stan, and you know him and hate him" I said worried

"I DO?!?!? IF ITS CRAIG!! I SWEAR!!" He yelled

"No it's not Craig"

"Thank god" he said calming down

"It's Trent Boyett" I said quietly but Stan obviously heard


"I'm sorry... I'm s-sorry Stan that I love the one you hate" I said with tears in my eyes, I ran up to my room.

I ran into my room, slamming the door and locking the door. I ran to my bed and cried my eyes out, after a while I heard my phone go off, it's Trent.

Trent- hey babe, did you tell them?

(Y/n)- yeah Stan didn't take it well.

Trent- I know babe, I want to be friends and I know I did bad in my past but you are the only one that sees me for me and that's why you're my princess.

(Y/n)- Aww, I love you too, I wish Stan can understand this but he can't because he is stubborn.

I took a quick look at the time and it was bed time.

(Y/n)- sorry babe I have to go.

Trent- ok princess, I'll see you tomorrow, I love you♡♡.

(Y/n)- love you more♡♡.

I turn off my phone and think about our conversation and blushed. I slowly shut my eyes and fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning Stan didn't even talk or look at me but I thought to myself he will get over it, I stood with Stan and his friends at the bus stop and they didn't come near me it was like I had a disease or something.

I hopped on the bus and found an empty sent, I put my earphones in and listen to music. After a while the bus comes to a holt and everyone gets off the bus and enters school.

I was waiting at my locker for Trent, the four boys looked at me but I looked away, I saw Trent in the distances. He approached me and hugged me with one arm the other one was behind his back, he took his hand out and a beautiful bunch of red and white roses greeted me. I took roses and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

I knew the boys were watching us but I didn't care anymore, I love Trent and they can suck it, they can judge us if they want but nobody is going to rip us apart.

~I'm sorry if it sucked, itjust came to my head and I wrote it, don't judge me~

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