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Okay, so I have another Wattpad account I'm using and I kind of forgot about this one... oops


So this appeared on my need to read lists and I was like 'oh shoot, I have this account lmao'

So I re-read my book and jeez a Louis this is cringy for me since this was like my first book.

But I was mostly reading the comments and I just love reading them. I could read them all day again and again.

To that one girl whose battery kept getting lower, I hope you were able to finish before it officially died or was able to charge it lol

Also to everyone else who like double/triple/quadruple commented, shoutout to y'all cause that shit is hilarious plus what you wrote.

I'll try to get back on this account and get back to writing...

If I'm able to get at least 10 reads and 5 comments on this chapter.

I feel like the people I'm talking about won't read this since it was last year they commented so I'll tag them below lol.

Just wanted to say thank you very much for still reading this book to this day, thanks for the comments and votes since it has helped me continue and (hopefully) become a better writer☺️


Okay well the girl/boy with their phone dying apparently deleted their account 😭

But here are some ppl that made me laugh 😂

And more that I didn't get the chance to write down because it's hella a lot

Love you all💕💕

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