Chapter 4

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When I got home from Starbucks I decided to call the girl at Starbucks.. I didn't even know my name but she was hot.

*phone conversation*

"Hey.. Uh it's taylor"

"Oh, hey Taylor, what's up?"

"Nothing really, I was calling to ask if you were free soon?"

"Yeah actually I am tomorrow, and Friday."

"Okay, can I take you out tomorrow? like to dinner?"

"Yeah sure! that'd be great! and by the way, I'm Ashley. "

"Alright, Ashley I'll pick you up at your house around 7?"

"Yeah, I'll text you my address, see you then"

"Ok thanks, see you"

1 for Taylor. Nice, I scored a date. Why was I even looking for a date? what? ugh.. I'm usually not like this.

I looked at the clock, it was pretty late so I decided to go to bed since I had school tomorrow, it's only wednesday tomorrow. Ugh. This week is going by a little slow.


I decided to go to sleep, so I planned out my outfit and then got into bed. Hopefully Taylor won't bother me..


I woke up, I had a good sleep. I quickly changed into my outfit, I decided to straighten my hair since I had extra time. I liked my hair straight it looked better that way. After that, I applied mascara, eye liner and some foundation to cover up acne I walked downstairs. I pulled out some frozen Eggo waffles, and threw them in the toaster. As I waited for my waffles I took a look in the mirror at my outfit. I wore vans socks with high too white converse, light blue denim abercrombie shorts, and a cute free people white tube top with a green cardigan over it. I was pretty proud of my outfit.

I heard my toaster go off, so I got up to get a waffle, I spread Nutella on it and ate it.

I looked up and saw the bus infront of my house, I didn't want to keep them waiting... Not again. So I quickly grabbed my back pack and ran out the door. When I arrived to the bus I walked on as down the isle. I turned to look for Taylor, I saw him then talking to his friends, he looked up at me and locked eyes with me for a moment... I quickly shot a glare at him and turned away. I sped down the isle to my seat next to my friend, jack.


Damn, she looked good. Wait, I don't care. But when I looked up into her eyes we locked. She quickly turned away though.. Ugh...? I didn't say anything, but I shouted at other kids that entered the bus, I wasn't really going to stop being a dick was I?


When the bus got to school, I rushed off the bus and into my first period classroom, unlucky for me, Taylor in that class. He's in all of my classes actually. It sucks. Really. I was sitting in my seat when Taylor burst es through the door, late.

"Mr. Caniff, that's another tardy, again, really?" my English teacher, Mr. Tracy said

"Sorry, my friend was asking about my date tonight, I had to tell him" he laughed then looked at me to see if I heard.

He has a date? ouch.. Why did that hurt me? I don't really know. I need him maybe, why?


After I said that, I felt a little bad, she looked hurt.. I can't hurt her anymore.


I walked on the bus again, and sat next to my friends.

"I'm having a party Friday night, my parents are out of town I gotta invite a lot of people, Taylor, invite some people just no losers.." My friend David, said.

"Ight, bro. just text everyone in your contacts" I said, "I'm gonna bring Ashley though"

"k, I just sent out a text to everyone. You know, Sarahs pretty hot, so I invited her. "

"Uh.. Yeah she-she is." Wow, I didn't want my best friend to hook up with her.. Shit.


*ding ding* my phone went off, I checked the text it was from a number I didn't know.

"Hey, I'm having a party Friday night,it starts at 8 pm. it's David by the way, I hope you can make it. My address is 124 woodside court. "

I smiled and replied.

"Yeah, I'll be there!" I replied I had nothing to do Friday night anyways, and why not. I need some fun.



I stepped out of my car door and walked into the yard where the party was at, there was a lot of other teens there. Hundreds. I walked into the house and looked down at my outfit one last time, I wore: a neon green tube too that revealed my stomach with some black spanks and white converse. I had my hair straighten again, of course.

I walked around looking for some people I might know, I saw Taylor. He looked at me then walked away.. He really hates me. But it was me who told him to get away from me. Why did I even say that? I kept pushing through the crowd, people offered me drinks, but I refused. I don't drink. I don't see the fun in it. I kept looking for someone until I spotted David, who invited me.

"Hey david!" I yelled over the loud music.

"Oh hey sarah!"

"This parties pretty crazy, wow!"

"Yeppp, parents are out of town!"

"Haha, my parents are never home! I should have party soon!!" I said joking.

"Hey, your looking good tonight, we'll you look good every day, but especially tonight!"

I couldn't help but blush, " you don't look too bad yourself," I didn't want anything else to happen, "I'm gonna go get a drink, I'll see you around later" I lied.

I went and sat down at near by couch. I really regretted that... Taylor and some girl sat down on the coach across from me, and started making out... It hurt. I don't know why. I'm pretty sensitive, so tears started to drip down my face. Why am I crying? sarah! stop!!

Taylor looked at me, then hissed, "why are you crying?"

"I-I'm not" I choked out.

"Yes you are!" He shouted and got closer to me. "Why? are you jealous? jealous that I can get any girl? still wish we were under that tree?? we'll, there's hotter girls then you, shouldn't have told me to stay away or this wouldn't be happening right now!" he spat out. I thought I would smell alcohol in his breath, but I didn't. It was him talking, nothing made him act weird.

I couldn't help but sob, I didn't know why he did this to me! I got up and spring out the house and down to the corner. I heard someone shouting my name but I didn't care, I was hurt.

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