A/n: Some stuff. I NEED IDEAS.

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okay, so I think I'm gonna end up making it a pride parade a little later instead of a women's march because by the time this takes place most of the women's marches are kinda a week earlier. But, don't fret I'll have Ham's bi pride and Laurens be all gay, and Burr will be the biggest straight ally. Wouldn't it be ironic if Mulligan was ace?? 😂. F/n in this story will be pan because it was never disclosed who they had the one night stand with in the third-ish chapter.
So, I wanted to discuss some plans I have! I want the approval of my dear readers (you :D) so I know I'm writing what they want! I love writing this story, but I have a plot I want to wrap up by maybe February, and maybe a sequel.
So here are some ideas I have:
*The government finds the phenomenon of the seven founding fathers in your house and does DNA testing on them, and finds out that they are indeed the real deal, and Donald Trump is roasted by Thomas Jefferson.
*spreading out the bonding chapters so I can advance the plot quicker
*Bf/n getting a little creepy
*the murder side plot getting even crazier
* Y/n has dreams of seeing some of the Founding fathers' most tragic moments from their childhoods ex. Thomas Jefferson's original home burning to the ground and Burr losing mama Theodosia.
*Lafayette getting mad at Y/n for not being suspicious of Bf/n, and she slaps him, bonding chapter ensues.

THERE ARE MY IDEAS I need more from you because writing is hard and I get writers block a lot 🙄. I have numerous ideas from you guys, like a birthday party for Y/n, movie theater, etc.
But I need more, please help I'm going to die.

I'm also sure most of you know who the murderer is already 😂 I've made it pretty obvious, but don't spoil it for any others who haven't figured it out yet.

If you could help me come up with more plot turns that would help too.

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