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Again, I was the first one to wake up. My cheeks were covered in dry tears and my ankle hurt like a bitch. I sat up and moved away from Yoongi's warm body to examine my swallowed ankle. It wasn't that bad... it just hurt because I hadn't treated it.

My hands shot up to my neck when I remembered what happened last night to feel that it was completely fine. I didn't feel any pain or even a wound/bite marks. How did it heal so fast? I swear Yoongi gave me a ... hickey? I have never seen anyone give someone such a painful hickey! Not that I know...

I got off the bed and went near the mirror to see if there was a mark. What I saw was completely different and mind blowing. My eyes wide, I removed my hair and stared closely into the mirror just to confirm if it was real.

Instead of a wound, I saw a tattoo. It was beautiful, unlike any I've ever seen before. It was a drawn as a tiny beautiful wolf with feathers surrounding it. It wasn't large enough for people to notice but the tiny details were so beautiful I couldn't believe it.

I hovered my fingers over it and traced the markings only to smile happily. I love tattoos but my mom never lets me get one. But wait...

When and how the fuck did I get a tattoo?!

I frowned and stomped up to Yoongi who was still sleeping as if he was dead. I was more than angry at him and would not bear to show any more weakness. He thinks he can force me and scare me but boy I am so done with your shit.

I shook him "YOONGI!"

He peeked his eye open and stared at me then closed it again with a smile. "MIN YOONGI" I repeated with his full name which I had found out when reading a letter that was sent to him.

"What?" He groaned covering his face with the bed sheets.

"How the hell did I get this tattoo?" I asked with my arms crossed trying to act all tough. He sat up and opened his eyes to look at me. Even though his hair was tangled up and he just woke up, he looked hot af with no shirt on.

I blushed and looked away. Yoongi smiled when he saw the design on my skin, attempting to grab my hand and make me sit in front of him. I shivered when his cold fingers traced the tattoo on my neck.

"What is it?! How did I get it in one night? Did you do something when I was asleep? Btw didn't you bite my neck last night? Where's the mark?" I asked every question that popped into my mind.

He stayed silent for a while just staring at the drawing of the wolf then finally let out a tired sigh. "You ask too many questions"

I grew angry and looked straight into his eyes. "Listen to me Yoongi. You randomly kidnapped me, you kept me locked up in a room, you stole my first kiss, you basically hurt me then you bit my neck last night and now you're saying I ask too many questions?"

"For God's sake! Just tell me already" I spoke as slowly as possible to emphasize on the things he's done to me and tried to keep my cool so he wouldn't force me again. He stared back at me quietly and looked away.

"I... can't" He said and I groaned, rubbing my face. It was like talking to a child. When I didn't say anything, he got up and went straight to take a shower. I noticed he had left a key on his side table and picked it up, hoping that it would fit in the door and unlock it.

Fortunately, it did and I gladly exit the room with no thoughts of escaping. He obviously wouldn't let me go so what was the point? I walked downstairs and into the kitchen which was unusually empty. The clock read 6 am which explained why everyone was still asleep. I started rummaging through the cabinets to look for a tea bag or some coffee to soothe my head.

I put the kettle to boil and heard the kitchen door open in a hurry. Apparently, Yoongi thought I had run away and was looking for me. When he saw me, his eyes visibly relaxed. I rolled my eyes when I saw him and went back to cooking breakfast.

A pair of warm arms enveloped around my waist and I felt Yoongi's breath on my neck, near the brand new tattoo. He inhaled my scent and kissed the mark while I ignored him and poured the boiling water in my tea cup. Though, I can't deny that I felt my heart flutter a few times. This was what I read in books about the girl's lover back hugging her while she cooks something for them to eat.

However, in my case Yoongi wasn't my lover and would never be.

He let go of me and made himself a cup of coffee as I sat on the kitchen table with my breakfast. I stared off into the distance, hearing the sounds of utensils clanking and water rushing in the sink. Soon Yoongi sat in front of me with a cup of steaming hot coffee in his hand. He observed my face quietly as if trying to memorize all my features. A tint of pink spread on my cheeks so I looked away, hiding my face.

We just sat there, in silence.

But then Yoongi mumbled something catching my attention. "I'm ... s-sorry"

"For what?" I asked looking at him in surprise.

"I ..." He looked down "You said I hurt you ... so I'm sorry" I didn't expect Yoongi to be genuinely concerned about what he did, knowing that he did what he wanted. But to hear these words coming from his mouth left a small smile on my face.

"It's alright" I forgave him because honestly he looked too cute and anyway I don't hold grudges. If I keep protesting and denying him, our 'relationship' with each other would only be him forcing himself on me. If he plans to keep me here for very long then I might as well compromise and try to get rid of his shitty attitude.

This time he was the one who looked surprise, but slowly a smile spread on his face as well. It was a rare thing to see and he looked even more handsome with it.

Sorry for the short chapter >

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Sorry for the short chapter >.<

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