Chapter 1

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Fatso... Ugly... Disgrace... Loner... Pathetic... Freak... Weirdo... A joke... Dirt......

        These are all the names I've been called. Why you may ask, it's because I am someone everyone hates. Someone who is the most disliked person in the entire High School. Even among the nerds, I am not popular. I have no friends, and if someone was to talk to me, then they would get beat up, even if they asked me a question. That is how much I am hated. For what? Well, you will soon find out.

        My name is Annalisa Lilac Silverman. A beautiful name for someone so ugly, that bugs look hotter than me. That is what I have been told. I am five-one, and weigh one-hundred and sixty-eight pounds. I have purple eyes, with the tint of silver surrounding the pupil. When I get really angry, my eyes turn pure silver. I have silver hair, with purple tips. People believe I wear contacts and dye my hair, but I do not. I am all natural.

        Every day is a nightmare at school. I have been picked on, beaten, and humiliated. Each day I am reminded that I am nothing but a pathetic, ugly and fat girl that no one would want. It is because of my looks, I am frowned upon.

        I have an older brother who name is Favian Armond Silverman, Though People usually call him Armond. His first and middle name together means "brave man of the army" His name is exactly who he is, a brave man that is a part of the army, a soldier of the Dark Blaze pack. Because of his bravery, he believes I am a weak sister, which I am not. He thinks, in order to toughen me up, he will not interfere with our classmate's behavior toward me. I don't believe that crap; he just lets them do it, because he is their friend and their leader. He is the most popular guy in the school. He is one of them.

        The school that we unfortunately attend is called De'hells High School. Named after the town's founder; Freddie De'hells. The name kind of sounds like what the school's atmosphere feels like, 'the hells'. My personal hell.

        Walking down the crowded hallway, I tried not to get noticed. The bell was to be ringing in about two minutes and my classroom was across the school. I sped up my pace, avoiding all the bodies trying to get to their destination. Just as I was about to reach my classroom, I bumped against someone, causing me to lose balance and fall on the floor, forcing my books and papers to scatter along the floor.

        "Oops, didn't see you there." Said a voice with fake sincerity.

        I slowly looked up to see the schools number one slut, Kimberly. She wore a short pink skirt, showing her ass cheeks, along with a very tight purple shirt, showing a large amount of cleavage. On her feet she wore bright pink five inch heels, that allowed every short person to get a good amount of view of under her skirt.

        "And they call me disgusting; she needs to learn how to cover up. I'm pretty sure if she found her mate, he would be pissed." I thought to myself.

        Behind Kimberly were her slut squad, Kara and Tiffany. Kara use to be my best friend, but ever since Kimberly's sixteenth birthday party, last year, she has avoided me. One time I actually got the chance to ask her why she stopped being my friend, and she said 'I don't want a looser of a friend; I have a new best friend now and that's Kimberly. I never liked you, I thought since you're the alpha's daughter, you can get me to the top, but you're so much of a looser that even a brick is more popular. I have a better chance with Kimberly. Don't talk to me ever again.' Ever since then, I haven't been able to 'talk' to her. The only words I ever hear from her now, are nothing but insults.

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