Chapter One.Hunter

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I woke Up to My Care Taker looking at me
"Get Up,Brat"She Scowled.Suprised how she got this damn job
"Why?"I ask Groggily
"Some Woman is here to adopt"She Says walking out.O well. Guess i have to Get dressed eh? Lucky it was a saturday.I guess i wont have to go to school!.I stood up Before walking to my wardrobe and picking out a Blue Ravenclaw Quittich Team Seeker Shirt.And some ripped skinny jeans and Some black converse
"HUNTER!"Mrs Anderson screeches
"COMING!" I reply jogging downstairs To see mrs anderson with a girl that has bleach blonde hair
"This.Is Tessa"She says
"Hi!" Tessa smiles
"H-Hello"I smile weakly and bite my lip
"Aww dont be nervous"She Laughs
"Sorry"I whisper and look down
"Mrs.Could you please let me interview hunter" Tessa asks
"Yes Miss" Anderson says and walks out
"So listen,Imma bust you outa this place got it? if a random person is in your room tonight dont be scared!"She says.I look at her weirdly
"Joking.Im adopting you basicly" She says and i smile
"Really?" I ask
"Of course! Why not?" she smiles.i smiled back
"Miss.May i please adopt hunter?" Tessa asks
"Are you sure? there are lots of much better kids here!"Miss purswaydes
"No,i want her"Tessa repeats
"Fine,Hunter.Go pack your bag" Miss says and i obey
Bloody hell..I have a mom!

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