Prologue - Hired Bride

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"Who are you and what in the world are you doing in my house?!" A pitch voice screamed causing Mason to groan in response. There was a stir on his bed and he heard some shuffling.

His brain wasn't functioning very well due to his hungover. Maybe it wasn't very bright to drink too much but he was too stress at work that he needed to do something to relieve it. He felt like his brain was repeatedly being hammered by bricks and he could barely open his eyes.

"Get out! NOW!" The voice once again screamed making him groan louder. He felt the bed resurfaced and he tried to sit up wanting to know what the whole commotion was about.

Suddenly the door opened and a blonde girl left with her clothes wrapped around her. Ella came inside the room with horror and widened eyes by what she had just witness.

"Mason Emerson King! How many times am I going to tell you to never bring those filthy girls at my home?!" His grandmother spat with venom lacing through her voice.

"Gran, please stop shouting. You're making my hungover worse." He said rubbing his temple.

Ella stood there awkwardly not knowing what to do. She knew that her brother was the type to sleep around with girls and it was one of the biggest mistakes to bring them home. Especially when their grandmother was there. She looked at her brother who was struggling with his headache but it was his fault for being so careless. He should've known better not to bring those girls from the bar at their house. It was a good thing their parents were at a business conference in China or he would totally get scold by their mother for being so inconsiderate.

"Oh, so now you are blaming me for drinking?!" His grandmother asked with disbelieve dancing in her eyes.

"I'm not blaming you of anything, Gran. I'm just saying if you could possible, please, talk a little calmer." He said soothingly trying to calm his grandmother down. He had always been a granny's boy. Why? Because she would spoil him and give him everything he wanted whenever, wherever. His grandmother was always there to support him and help him with anything. But there was always that time where he just wished that he wasn't a granny's boy because she could get a little over dramatic and their conversation would always turn into something ugly.

"Gran." Ella said as she rubbed her back in circle patterns to calm her down. It was not good for their grandma to get stress. It was bad for her health and Mason should have known better not to make the situation worse.

"You know what?" Their grandma started letting out a breath to calm herself down. "This is our deal." She said looking straight into Mason's eyes. "From now on, you are going to stop sleeping around with those women. You are going to man up and start settling." She said causing his brown eyes to widen in surprise. He never did like that word, 'settling.' Not a very good word and he was pretty sure it wasn't part of his vocabulary.

"You are going to get married and I'm giving you three months to do so." She continued making his eyes jump out of their sockets.

"What?!" He shrieked not believing her. He stared at her with dropped jaw and horror eyes. He couldn't get married and get tied down. At least, not right now. He wasn't planning on getting married anytime soon. "Gran, you can't possibly be serious. I can't get married now! And in three months?! I don't even have a girlfriend!" He pointed out.

"You're twenty-five years old, Mason. For crying out loud, you are ready to get married and find someone decent that you will love and spend the rest of your life with." Oh, he definitely didn't like the sound of that. It was just disturbing.

"Gran, no!" He refused running a hand through his dark, brown hair in frustration.

"It's either you get married or I talk to your father and tell him to take the company and instead pass it on to Ella." She announced and that was when all hell broke out.

"What?!" Mason yelled in annoyance.

"What?!" Ella said afterwards in bewilderment. She didn't want to run the company. In fact, she didn't want anything to do with it. She always wanted to be a fashion designer and that was the career she wanted to pursue. Not to be the CEO of her father's company. Oh, Mason was so going to get it when their grandmother left the room.

"You heard me correctly. Two choices, Mason; get married or Ella's going to inherit the company." Their grandmother said once more as she left the room slamming the door in process.

"What just happen?!" Ella asked looking at her younger brother in dismay.

And that was the ugly part of the conversation he didn't want to hear.

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