Chapter 2

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"That will be $4.75." The cashier said. Alex immediately handed her crumpled $5 bill and gave it to the cashier. The cashier had a slight disgust in her face as she accepted the crumple $5 bill that had lint hanging off the edges. Alex seemingly embarrassed wanted to leave quickly.

"Keep the change." She said as she hurriedly took Mr. Jay Cathwell's coffee and her green tea latte out of the cafe. She quickly pushed open the doors and fast walked to the company.

She gently waved to Mori and rapidly pressed the elevator. She was screwed!

This is karma for staying up all night watching 'The Bachelor' with her neighbor.

She ran to Mr. Cathwell's office and set down the coffee on his mahogany desk.

"Mind telling me why you're late Miss Crystal?" He smirked. She sighed staring down at her black ballet flats.

"Um, well you see last night.. I was doing something personal and stayed up late. My alarm clock didn't go off and so I slept in just a little bit," She said. She's always been timid and hated speaking aloud.

He smirked even bigger and stood up. He walked over to her and softly whispered, "What do you mean personal?"

She rolled her eyes blocking away the many ideas that were forming in her head of what he could possibly think of.

"Nothing you need to know, sir." She scoffed backing up.

He came closer and closer gently putting his hand on her cheek.

She flinched and quickly backed away. She didn't like the feeling of people touching her. It reminded her of the past and the way it made her feel. Like a toy.

Jay's eyes widened and blinked rapidly. Well, that was a first. 

He thought.

Alex frowned. Jay's eyes were full of pure annoyance, but he was impressed. He got rejected. He has never been rejected, this was surely a surprise.

"That's not really professional of you, Mr. Jay Cathwell," she said looking at him in the eyes. He rolled his eyes.

"You're fired." He said walking back to his chair waiting for an outcry. He was mistaken because a outcry he did not get. He turned around to see her face in utter shock, yes, but she was... pissed.

She gasped. He fired her because she rejected him? Her blood started rising and she could feel the fumes rushing out of her ears.

"You can't fire me, sir. Your dad hired me. I signed his contract not yours. Whether or not you like me, I am yours until your father thinks otherwise," she said.

She angrily walked out of the office and ran to the bathroom to calm herself down.

Jay was shocked, he had never had anyone talk back to him. Nor reject him. He though it was quite hilarious. I mean it was supposed to be a joke, but something about her words ticked him off. He stormed out of the office and took out his phone. He scrolled through his contacts aggravated and found the name he was looking for.

"Hello? Jay?"

"Ashley I'm coming over."

"Okay baby. I'll get ready." Ashley said trying to hide the excitement and the squeal that was ready to come out of her lips.

Ashley was Jay's sex toy. He would come over when he was feeling annoyed or aggravated.
But, Ashley was surely in love with him. Of course he knew that, but he didn't really seem to notice. He thought that she knew their relationship was a professional one. 

Alex walked out of the bathroom and saw Jay walking to the elevator.

She sighed. At least, she would be alone for a few hours. But, what should she do? There was nothing besides set up her accounts for the computer on her desk in her cubicle. She sighed, what a great first day!

She set up everything and immediately got an email from one of her oldest friends.

1 new email!


Alex! They're looking for you! They know where you are! 

She stared at the email for the longest time. Adam and her were the closest friends. They were best friends at a foster care when she was 13. They've been best friends ever since he found out that she could jug a whole D'animal in one gulp. 

She groaned. Not this again. She just moved into an apartment and although it's not as nice, she is being forced to move out for her own safety. Alex groaned in annoyance. Stupid past. 

She waited for her shift to end and with Mr. Jay Cathwell still not in the office, she decided to call it a day. She headed out anxious about the message that Adam had sent. She manifested a plan to move out of her apartment quick.

Entering her apartment she packed all her stuff in her suitcase. She just needs to move in the city by where her job is, surely she could get one. The area around her work was decent and the walk wouldn't be far which is way better than a bus ride home. The good thing is, Adam has a loft near there that she could stay in. He bought that place to be near Alex, but when work calls, he's always gone. 

She threw her suitcase outside and tried to carry a box full of pictures with her other arm.

She took out her crappy flip phone waiting for the one bar to show up for a signal and called a taxi. 


Jay thrust faster and faster while Ashley screamed out in joy.

Ashley moaned feeling the immediate rush of nostalgia hit between her legs.

His pace slowed down and he climbed off the bed. Ashley was completely flushed. She loved it when he would take the time out of his day to see her. 

"Ashley. I'm going back to the office, goodbye." Jay said quickly walking out of her pent house. She sighed. She didn't like it when he would just leave like that.

Jay hurriedly walked back to the company while texting his father about the arrangements he made with the Bradshaws about an upcoming novel. He was hoping Alex had took the night off so he didn't have to deal with the awkward tension. She surely had to know she was kidding, right? 

He sighed rubbing the back of his neck.

He didn't really like her. He didn't want her. 

But, he surely was impressed with the way she talked back to him.



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