Chapter Twenty-Seven» I've Always Known You

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They say, some people come in to our life as a blessing and some as a lesson. Though, have they ever said, that when they leave. The pain that binds you against, marks your soul. Forever tainting it, reminding you of your pain. Of your defeat.

There comes a point in life, where you are stuck between the Shores of the ocean, not knowing whether to return to land. Or to embark on the journey ahead, and travel somewhere far, far away. A place where pain doesn't exist. A place where happiness and freedom is promised. A place nothing like earth. Nothing like the darkness that surrounds us, yet to reach a place like that. It would be beyond our imagination. Beyond our biggest dream, for we all dance against our wishes. Hoping one day the tunes play to our fates and bring back the broken promises.

I hadn't expected to get married to Ammar. I hadn't expected to be part of a family I hadn't ever met, yet, that's life. It doesn't promise anything. One minute it can make you smile. Make you the happiest person on earth and then it can make your cry. Like you've never cried before.

Fear and helplessness is what had consumed me. Everything around me was disappearing against the winds; and I remained emotionless. Not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell. I wanted to cry; yet I did none. Silence consumed me, pulling me against the pool of sorrows. Of fear.

Closing my eyes tightly. My palms folded in to a Crescent like shape, as I raised them up. Whispering a pain from my heart, praying to Allah, from the bottom of my heart to help me. For, he was the only one, that gave me strength, that gave me hope.

" Aazeen are you done? " came a soft voice beside me. Halting my trains of thought; as I slowly turned around, seeing Helen stand near the doorway. A bright smile plastering her features.

A red long dress clinged against her curvy figure, making the dark of her eyes stand out. The brown of her hair was folded in to a neat bun, allowing loose strands to halo  her sweetheart shaped face. Her lips were painted dark pink complementing her bright smile. Making my heart warm up. She was beautiful.

" Yes, I'm finished" I spoke standing up, before pulling the prayer matt and folding the soft fluffy fabric. Seeing Helen's gaze trained on me. The rich scent of her perfume reaching my nose.

" Do you like our house then?" the young woman spoke, as we both walked out of the bedroom. Smiling softly, I nodded to her, seeing a content filled look plaster her features.

This morning I had been greeted to an unexpected visit from Helen and Salahudin as they announced. A dinner had been made for some guests, whom wanted to see,
' Ammar's bride'. Even though, I hesitated over the fact that I had to stay in the same house as Nazeen, I couldn't say no, and came alongside the two siblings.

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