Cole burst into an hysteric fit of laughter as soon as we piled into the car. He took the driver's seat whereas Nico sat in the back with me to 'make sure I was alright'.

I narrowed my eyes at him, thinking he must be laughing at me for getting drugged and the situation I put myself in. However I couldn't share in his laughter because I didn't think any of this was comical. He caught my brooding in the backseat and stopped his fit.

"What?" He blinked back at me like some innocent child.

"What, me? What, you! What has you laughing like that?" I kicked the back of his seat which only made a few more chuckles escape his lips.

"The doctor... He thinks we're bad for you."

"He didn't say that!" I looked to Nico for some back up on this but he just stared at the ground of the car, not uttering a word. "Did I miss something?"

Cole reached back to give my knee a squeeze before turning back to the wheel and driving away from the hospital. Two visits in such a short time frame... And before this I hadn't even been to see the doctor in years. Just for the simple fact that I hadn't the need.

Healthy, young, and quite a homebody.

Since meeting these 'gentlemen', I've been; drugged twice, needed stitches after a mixup outside their club, and gotten a concussion from a car accident.

"Huh, maybe he's right..." I mumbled.

Both boys jumped at my words and tried searching my expression to see if I was being sarcastic or truthful.

I broke the facade and smiled at them.

Nico rubbed the bridge of his nose, "Please Mia, don't joke like that. It feels like we finally jumped every hurdle, don't go saying that we aren't good for you. Accidents just... Happen."

"You slammed your car into the car I was in..." I shook my head to get that thought out, "Nevermind. It's in the past now and I forgive you guys. Let's just get home and get some rest."

Nico grinned mischievously, "There'll be plenty of rest after your punishment. Did you forget that?"

I had. But now I had been blatantly reminded of my fate when I stepped over the threshold of my door.

And things continued in that manner for months. We'd come home, to my house, and tease each other for endless hours only to give into temptations once the sun went down.

Summer came, the season change hardly noticeably in this southern city. But we utilized the pool and I finally learned what it was like to make love in those refreshing waters. On summer nights we'd crank the temperature of the pool to 80 degrees and fuck again, sometimes reaching 3 or 4 times a day, either in my bed or on the kitchen counter or in the pool.

On one especially humid afternoon, I entered my house in my work attire and immediately headed for the fridge to grab some water. The air conditioning in my house wasn't working it's magic fast enough for me.

I heard loud steps rushing down the stairs and pivoting into the kitchen.


It's Nico... Why was he here right now? They were both supposed to be at the club for a new promotion...

The moment we locked gazes we simultaneously said, "What are you doing here?"

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