Chapter 15

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Today was the day I had been dreading and anticipating all week long.

Today was Friday.

My day of work was over, Maya was upstairs in her room watching a movie, and I found myself standing in the downstairs bathroom unwilling to move.

Bright, emerald eyes shined back at me through the mirror, mixed with both hesitance and excitement. My thick, brunette hair had been thrown up into a messy bun with annoying, stray strands of my bangs falling out and tickling against my forehead.

The only 'workout' clothes I had in my closet weren't much but they would have to do. A strange bout of self-consciousness worked its way through my mind as my eyes lowered and considered my outfit. Formfitting, black spandex shorts that were a wee bit too short and a tight tank top that clung to every curve I had and showed off my hourglass frame effortlessly.

This is something I would usually wear in the comfort of my own home, not in the presence of my all together confounding and exhilarating, not to mention married boss.


Dominic's voice cut my train of thought off as his deep voiced echoed through the bathroom door.

"Come down to the basement when you're ready," he ordered and then I heard his steps retreat as he left to the basement himself where today's lesson would be taking place.

Until today, I wasn't even aware there was a basement in this massive house since basements aren't a common space in South Carolina houses. Yet, apparently here a walkout basement was viable and requested by Heather when they were looking for a house together after their wedding.

Even though she was the one who requested the walkout basement, as I finally made my way out the safe confines of the bathroom and down to the basement in question, I saw no trace of Heather or her stuff anywhere.

It was a gym.

The basement doubled as a fully equipped gym that I assumed only Dominic used. I guess, whether it's pertinent or not to her, Heather gets what Heather wants.

As I descended down the staircase into the basement, I immediately found Dominic's large frame facing away from me, placing a few mats down on the floor.

He hadn't noticed my entrance into the room yet and for that, I was largely grateful since the moment I set my sights on him, I needed to take a beat all to myself to fully appreciate the exquisitely built man in front of me; Probably also wipe the drool from my chin at the same time.

He was bent over, fixing a mat into place on the floor and his ass was conveniently pushed out and begging for me to slap or bite it.

I would happily settle for either.

He was clad in simple, gray sweat pants and a sinfully tight, deep blue, spandex shirt. The shirt in question displayed Dominic's entire torso in such a manner, it should be required to have a full 'prep class' just for the purpose of preparing anyone for how absurdly attractive it made him look. Without prep, an unsuspecting female would flounder and likely embarrass herself due to the unforeseen, handsome distraction.

Much like I did in that very moment.


Due to the fact that I was highly distracted eye fucking my boss, wondrously graceful me tripped over my own feet and tumbled the rest of the way down the stairs; eating the unwelcoming ground with an unpleasant and humiliating 'thud'.

Welcome to the shit show that is my life.

"Shit," I heard Dominic curse under his breath. Seconds later, a warm hand placed itself gingerly on the small of my back as I pushed my hands against the concrete flooring to hoist myself up from my brief but memorable meeting with the floor.

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