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Despite really wanting to have some fun, Louis does as he is told when they arrive at the log cabin and unpacks his bags.

When he's finished he flops onto the bed, whining up at Harry who just chuckles.
"Daddy!" He pouts, rolling so he is on top of Harry. Harry laughs and wraps his arms and legs around Louis.
"Now you can never escape!" Harry shouts and begins to tickle Louis.

Louis giggles loudly, writhing and squirming to try and get away until Harry stops the tickling. Harry smiles fondly down at him and kisses his head, letting him catch his breath.
"You want to have lunch and then go for a walk?" Harry offers. Louis hums, nodding his head as he presses his lips against Harry's.
"Sounds great. Can we play scrabble, too?"
"Course we can, baby. Maybe we can play with some other things too?" Harry hints.

Louis gasps and pulls away to smirk at him.
"And what would that be, daddy?" Louis asks. Harry hums, nibbling on his lower lips for a moment.
"How do you feel about daddy playing doctor?" Harry asks quietly, knocking their noses together.
"That sounds good, daddy. That's new," Louis nods, slipping down to rest his head on Harry's chest.

Harry cradled him, knows that new things can be scary and sometimes his baby needs reassurance.
"We don't have to if you don't want to," Harry tells him, tucking his hair behind his ear.
"I do!" Louis says quickly. "Just a bit nervous."
"Well we can take your mind off it with lunch and scrabble and a walk. Okay, doll?"

After they've walked for a good fifteen minutes, hand in hand as they trail through the forest, Harry directs them back to the cabin.
"This starts as soon as we walk through that door. Your safewords still stand, okay?" Harry says evenly, stopping him before he steps into the cabin.
"Okay, daddy."

Harry opens the door, smiling warmly over his shoulder.
"Come on in, Mr. Tomlinson. Just take a seat, I'll be with you in a moment."
"Okay, Dr. Styles."

Louis bites his lip as he walks over to the bench at the table, wriggling in place. Harry had moved it away from everything to give him more space.
"So, Mr. Tomlinson," Harry starts as he walks over to stand beside the bench.
"Please," Louis interrupts. "Call me Louis."
"Louis. I'll start with a general exam. Please remove your shirt," Harry says formally, sitting on the other end of the bench.

Louis flushes and fiddles with the hem of his shirt.
"No need to be nervous, Louis. It is perfectly normal for a doctor to see their patients naked. Remove your pants please, as well."

Harry fights to keep a straight face while Louis does it quickly, pink to the tips of his ears.
"Stand in front of me, Louis. I'm going to touch you to see how you respond. Is that okay?"
"Yes," Louis says breathlessly. He is already hard, his boxers doing nothing to hide his arousal. He shifts from foot to foot in front of Harry.

Harry settles him with a hand on his shoulder, lips quirking up at the edges as he brushes his fingers down his arm. Louis' eyes are downcast and he shivers as goosebumps rise on his skin.

"Please hold your arms out to the side," Harry murmurs and cups Louis' wrists when he does what he's told. He smooths his hands along his arms until he reaches his armpits. Louis squirms as Harry's fingers tickle lightly over the bare skin there.

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