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One day when I came home from work, Angelo came running straight at me, jumping into my arms, and for a moment I thought it meant that Vic wasn't there anymore.

He was, though, but damn I should've seen it as a warning sign.

Once I'd made my way into my living room, with Angelo keeping his fluffy ass on my shoulder, I spotted Vic on the couch, flipping through some binders. Some very familiar binders.

"If I could find a place for the holidays -- Maybe I could call -- You're a payphone away -- From the mess I've become -- I'm destroying what I love," Vic sang before he locked his eyes with mine and stepped away from the microphone, an unsure look shining in his dark marbles.

But the crowd behind me cheered, screamed, whistled and clapped their hands. They were all ecstatic. Yet it wasn't until I smiled and stuck my thumb in the air, that Vic finally smiled too. He looked almost relieved.

Jaime went over to his slightly shorter best friend and hugged him tight before he hopped over to high-five Tony and Mike right after. They all looked pretty happy, this being their first gig outside of their hometown. They did great.

The show was over, the normal lighting in the venue clicked back on, and the guys went to pack their gear to get it off the stage.

Making my way backstage, I was stopped by Mike holding his drum sticks to my stomach. "Hey there, stranger. Didn't know you were coming!" He beamed rather excitedly.

I chuckled and nodded. "Of course I came. Wouldn't miss it for the world," Wouldn't miss him for the world, I thought to myself as I watched Vic walk by. "You guys did amazing." I then said in all honesty, smiling up at the lanky younger brother.

"Yeah, I think we can be pretty proud of ourselves," Mike murmured, blowing up his chest a little as he posed with his hands in his sides.

"Well, you should be," I told him, snorting subtly at his proud stance. He was kind of an idiot, it ran in the family, but a great guy nonetheless. Exes or not, we always stayed friends.

Mike put his arm around my shoulder, using his still free hand to drink from his water bottle as we made our way to the dressing rooms in the back of the small venue.

"Lou!" Jaime yelled, engulfing me into a tight hug the second he spotted me. Jesus. I didn't even have time to prepare for that one.

"Hey there Jaime-time, good to see you too," I gasped, patting his back as a hint to let go of me. Thankfully, he did get the hint, laughing as he stepped back. The buff spikey haired ball of energy. Couldn't give you a bad word about him, really.

Tony just smiled, giving me a small wave before he went to get himself something to eat. And then there he was. The front man himself.

"Hi Viccy,"

His face lit up the second he spotted me, almost like before. "Moo," I had hated that abbreviation of my name for years. Really, anyone who even dared to use it got a single warning and then...

But Vic? Yeah he got a few punches and smacks in the back of the head for it. But he fought through, and eventually I accepted it. Only from him, though.

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