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Chapter 1

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"They're coming." 

"How many?" 

The scout Girgas had sent, was looking a bit shocked, he rolled with his eyes and began to think. That he came to no conclusions was because of the punch in the face Girgas gave him, which transformed his hooked nose into a bloody tuber. 

"Umbal (orcish: moron)! Can't you count?" Girgas yelled at him. 

The orc hesitated, then repliend in a whisper "Um... no?" 

"By Torgas' intestines! Why am I supposed to be the leader of this dumb pack? How should I figure out the enemy's tactics, when I don't know how many they are?" 

The scout didn't answer; Girgas was popular for his rage and he killed his subordinates for less reasons before. Preserving the last vestiges of dignity, the scout withdrew, while the angry eyes of his leader were looking for a new one. 

"Damnit, is here nobody, who can count? Did Graishak send me to battle with a mob of umbal'hai?" 

"I can count!, he heared somone saying proud of himself. 

The warriors moved aside in amazement and Girgas saw an orc, he had never seen before.Which means, that he had seen him, but didn't take care of him because he cared for his interests first, like any other orc. 

The guy was very pale around the nose and a bit too big and thin for an orc. A little bit hair could be seen under his helmet and the look he had was a bit silly. He was wearing a rusty chain mail, which was far too big for him and his saparak (the orcish spear) was looking like if it had beenlaying on the ground of a swamp for a few years. 

"You?" Girgas asked very astonished. 

"Yes, me." 

"What's your name?"  

"Balbok", he answered, which caused laughter between the orcs; Orcs are named because of their skills and this name was meaning, that he wasn't the smartest guy here. 

"And you can count, Balbok?" 

The thin orc wanted to answer, but his neighbour punched him in the ribs with the elbow so hard, that Balbok tripped and almost fell. 

"Don't listen to him, Girgas." the orc said. This one was looking like the exact opposite of him: little and strong, almost as wide as tall, with a round head on his shoulders. The rings of his chain mail seemed to stretch themselves over his big belly and his legs were as short as the legs of a pig. "Trust me, he's telling nonsens." 

"And ghow can you know that?", Girgas asked. 

"Because he's my brother.", the short guy explained and bowed. "My name's Rammar." 

"I don't care about your name! They are meaning nothing to me. I only want you to fight and shut up! All of you! And don't answer to something I didn't ask again, you understand me?" 

"S-sure, big Girgas" 

"What now? Can the long count or not?" 

"Nope", Rammar replied, while his brother answered with a "Yes" at the same moment. 

"What is this nonsense? Are you kidding me?" 

"I can count!" Balbok said. 

"No, you can't!", Rammar answered. 

"Sure can I!" 



"NO, DAMN IT!" In order to give emphasis to his words, Rammar picked up his saparak, but Balbok didn't care about that. 

"We are 28 orcs", he explained. "Together wit our leader Girgas. Which means 52 feet and 48 eyes, when I count the amputees and one-eyed." 

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