A raised eyebrow was the only indication that he liked what he was hearing. At least she hoped he was. God help her if he promised Kim to see the date to very end. Or make sure that Sharon had a good time, a highly subjective suggestion depending on the listener. A good time could be anywhere from a first base or slamming a home run. Sharon hoped Darius version of a good time was a nice meal, followed by a thank you. Basically, a bunt play.

"What do you suggest we do?" he finally asked.

Sharon breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. "Take our food to go. And tell Kim the truth. We felt nothing for each other."

"I like your closing statement doctor." Darius shook his head and chuckled. "Too bad. It's not everyday I get to have a meal with a beautiful woman."

"Save the flattery for Kim."

"Touche." Darius caught their waiter's eye, beckoned him over to get their dinners boxed up instead and request for the check. Turning back to her as the waiter rushed off with his card, he leaned forward, "Well Kim did say to throw a few compliments in."

"Of course she would."

A few minutes later, they left their date without all the coyote ugly level awkwardness plagued by blind dates. Though it didn't end with any intention to get together again, it was one of the best night Sharon had in a long time.

In fact, Sharon hoped that guy number two would go just as well, saving her the trouble in disappointing Kim. And the next guy her friend was hell bent on setting her up with. It consumed her thoughts as she paid her sitter, checked on her son and texted Kim a brief report of two words, 'no good,' before she went to bed.

Her phone buzzed with a text seconds later, probably Kim demanding an explanation. But no, it was a text of a different kind. A text she'd give anything that it had been Kim wanting details about her date. A text that kept her up most of the night on how to break the news to CJ that his dad was getting married. That his father and his new fiancee wanted him to spend the weekend with them.


Another morning run, followed after another sleepless night and all because of a woman. Two women actually. Both vixens. One whose lush curves he wanted to crush against his body and lose himself in her sweet heat. The other, someone he'd never trust again, no matter how far away he can throw her, even if he had to shoot her out of a cannon.

The former, a woman hell bent on staying away from him and ignoring the connection between them. Sometimes, he had this feeling, a sense of deja vu, that they met before. And ever since she lied about going to the same Catholic school, a girl with plaited hair ribbons would slip in and out of his memories, faster than sand in a sieve. He couldn't remember her face or even knew her name but what he did remember was how she loved telling her friends about the dreams she had. Something told him, if Sharon and that girl ever got together, they might become best friends.

The latter's a USDA prime bitch. A succubus in wolf clothing he wanted nothing to do with again. Before, thoughts of Rosa had him grinding his teeth so much he feared that he'd need dentures soon. Now, strangely enough, thoughts of his ex-wife didn't upset him as much as it used to. Oh, his anger was still there, only less of the geyser it was for the past two years.

Terrell's a different story. If he'd told him how Rosa managed to get his new number and wanted to meet up, all hell, fire and brimstone would've broke loose. He'd been on lockdown, hearing pussy hole this and bloodclaat that. Non-stop.

When she told him she was getting back together with her ex -who she was fucking around with, all Dru Hill sleeping in my bed- he'd flushed her out of his mind and soul. He didn't need to with his heart, as she done that just fine without his help. He had the alimony, child support and later the DNA testing to prove it. So to actually forget their wedding anniversary, oh fuck yeah if that wasn't confirmation of time healing all wounds.

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