Your annoying habit.

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There's one thing you forget, you can't make me play dead.

Chris - When you get nervous you start to bite your nails. Chris hates it when you do because your nails are beautiful and he always holds your hands lovingly.

Ricky - When your anxiety starts to build up you start to tap your fingers on something and bite your lip. When Ricky sees you doing this he quickly wraps his arms around you and presses little kisses to your lips whenever you bite them.

Ghost - Sometimes you start humming to yourself, Devin thinks it's cute. But other times you start humming, and you hum the same thing over and over again for ages, so he usually plays music to distract you or starts a conversation.

Balz - You have a habit of  tapping your leg self-consciously when you're nervous or angry, he usually places his hand on your knee and rubs it softly with his thumb to calm you down.

Ryan - You have a habit of  binge watching YouTube before you go to bed. Ryan usually stays up and watches it with you, but after a long day at the studio he reminds you to wear headphones.

Vinny - You have a habit of picking off nail polish. It doesn't bother Vinny, but finding little bits of dried nail polish on a pillow or the couch does get annoying after a while.

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