Kenny x angel/demon reader! {Part 2} ((EDITED))

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~ Warning swearing and bad spelling ~

~ God's POV ~

"WHAT THE HELL!?! (Y/N) IS DATING HER PROTECTOR?!?" God yelled at a message angel

"Yes sir... I saw h-her with Mr. K-Kenny McCormick an immortal a-angel" the frightened angel stuttered

"Send her here immediately!!" The angel nodded and flew off at a fast pace.

~Your POV~

Me and Kenny were walking down the street with our hands entwined, it was a very peaceful day until one of God's message angels landed in front of us "God would like to see you Miss (L/n) and it is very important" the angel said flying away back to heaven.

Me and Kenny walked to his house, he kissed my cheek and I flee to heaven, it was a short fly there. I went straight to God's palace, "What do you want?" I said annoyed

"Well (y/n) you broke one first rule of angels and you are dating an immortal angel" he said rather pissed off but I ignored it.

"I'm sorry for breaking the rules but I couldn't help myself and you can't help love, I love him every dearly" i said pouring my heart out to him

"I know (y/n), I have been watching you and I forgive you, you may date Kenny on one condition" he said very serious so I nodded "No sex until marriage" I blushed so hard of embarrassment. I nodded and left.

When I arrived back at Kenny's house, he wasn't there I checked around the house, he still wasn't there. I checked around town and I couldn't find him, I was getting really worried and scared that Satan has got him so I waited for him to come home.

I've had enough of waited and went to hell to see if he was there, I went to Satan's castle and to see what I did want to, I saw my boyfriend tied to a post, he was beaten and busied with his head down and blood was everywhere.

Satan came into the room "Why hello (y/n) came to join my army" he said smirking

"Hell no Satan, I came for my love" I yelled pointing at Kenny, he still had his head down

"Oh hell no you are not having Kenny, he will join my army" he said as a dark cloud flow out of his hands and went into Kenny, he shot up and off the post towards me. He was now running towards me ready to attack, I would to dare to attack my love.

He attacked me with all his mighty, he punched me in the stomach than constantly in the face, my face was numb and bleeding, my eyes were already watering with the pain of the love of my life.

After a while he slowly stopped, I spat out the blood from my throat that was choking me, the darkness came out of Kenny he looked at me with guilt and worry, he fell to the down and held me in his arms.

He started crying "I'm so sorry (y/n), I would never hurt you my love." He said weeping, I said nothing and smiled weakly, I grabbed his face and forced his lips onto my mine.

We let go, gasping for air and he picked me up i stare at him in confusion "Kenny what are you doing?" I said

"Well (y/n) we are going home." He said opening his wings and i stare at his wings they weren't broken anymore

"Kenny how is your wings fixed?" I whispered in awe at his wings.

"(Y/n) your love fixed them" he kissed me and flew out of hell. We arrived on earth he let me go and kissed me again "(y/n), I love you so much that it hurts. God nor Satan can take us apart, you are the first person that cares about me through thick and thin... I love you so much" he grabbed my hands and kissed me again.

((WORD COUNT: 648))

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