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In the middle of a dark room lined with dark, wooden panel sat a man wearing a velvet red and gold suit that looked rather magnificent on him. He took an ancient pocket watch out of his pocket and peered at it. The jewels encrusted on the watch shimmered under faint light coming through from the window. A strange smile appeared on his handsome face as he tucked the pocket watch back into his silk waistcoat, turned around facing a beautifully crafted fireplace.

"Formararo," the man whispered, and, out of nowhere, a lively fire suddenly burst into life in the fireplace that was empty a few moments ago.

The man pulled a gold-rimmed letter out of his pocket, which looks like it is made of parchment. He unfolded the letter, touching it with his long elegant fingers with unnecessary care.

"Finally," he said with a satisfying tone and yet a bitter smile appeared at the same moment on his face. His fingers moving smoothly across the words on the letter. "The prophecy is about to begin again and there is nothing that anyone can do to stop it..."


Ta-da - I said I'd be posting a new story and here it is! I am not sure about the updating schedule of this one, though I'll try to do it once per week as well.

This story was one I started almost ten years ago. I got about 10k into it and abandoned the project, like I've always had, but its plot still floats around in my head.

This is actually the third in the Layce Chronicles, which is a series that I'm not sure I'll be writing since it's not dissimilar to the P.O.E. chronicles. In fact, I toyed with the idea of making it in the same world. But it doesn't conflict with this plot at all, so I'll roll with it!

Let me know what you think! I'll have to revise the rest of the 10k before posting!

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