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Leader: fallenstar- dark ginger tom with green eyes

Deputy: fangheart- grey and black tom with amber eyes apprentice, cinderpaw- grey tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Medicine cat: bon heart- white and grey tom apprentice, littlepaw- brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Warriors (toms and she-cats without kits)

Sootclaw-Grey tom with ginger stripes.

Nightstone- black she-cat with creamy paws

Apprentice, ratpaw-brown tom with furless tail and green eyes

RussetClaw - dark ginger tom with green eyes

Apprentice, mosspaw- white she-cat and black spots

Breezeleaf- dark grey tom with leafy green eyes

ClearStorm-pretty light grey she-cat with light blue eyes

Shelltail- dappled grey tom with a scar across his eye

Sweetberry- white and black she-cat with yellow eyes

Runningpelt- light brown tom with amber eyes Apprentice, wolfpaw- grey tabby with amber eyes

Heatherface- light brown she cat with a lighter brown belly

Whitefoot- white and grey she-cat with amber eyes

Cloudclaw- light grey tom with brown spots and green eyes

Apprentice, berrypaw- cream she-cat

Brightstripe- gingery-yellow tabby with amber eyes and white paws

Queens (she-cats with kits)

Poppyflight- ginger she-cat with amber eyes and a fluffy tail (mother to breezeleaf's kits, storm kit-tabby tom cherry kit-dark ginger she-cat)

Cloudlight- white and ginger she-cat with yellow eyes (mother to Russetclaw kits, seedkit- ginger she-cat with green eyes mistkit-grey she-cat with yellow eyes, lionkit- golden-ginger tabby tom with amber eyes and a white paw)


Cloudjumper- old grey tom former loner

Greeneyes- dark ginger she-cat with green eyes

Hollywing- black she-cat with a white muzzle


Leader: Poppy star- ginger she cat with red spots

Deputy: brightflower- light blue she-cat

Medicine cat: treeleaf- light brown she-cat with amber eyes


Stoneleaf- grey and black tom with green eyes

Haretail- brown tom with a small fluffy tail

Apprentice, dreampaw-light grey she-cat with pretty blue eyes

Berrytail-cream tom

Snowclaw- very light grey she-cat with blue eye

Apprentice, coldpaw- blueish grey tom

Ivycloud-White tabby she-cat


Fishtail- white and grey she-cat


Flameeye- very old ginger tom

Grass clan

Leader: Sagestar- white and brown she-cat

Deputy: redface- dark ginger tom with green eyes apprentice, Palepaw- light ginger she-cat

Medicine cat: deeplake- dark blue tom


Raindrop- grey she-cat

Mistytail- black she-cat

Apprentice, batpaw-brown tabby tom with scar across his nose

Nutflight- black tom apprentice, heartpaw- ginger she-cat

Browncloud- dark tabby tom

Pouncetail- ginger and black she-cat

Blacktail-Brown tom with a black tail

Whitetail-Light brown she-cat with a black tail and white stripes

Stone clan

Leader: sandstar- ginger tabby tom

Deputy: blossomleaf -tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Medicine cat: pebblefoot- grey she-cat with small black spots around eyes apprentice, Firepaw- dark ginger tom


Fallingclaw-ginger tom with green eyes

Apprentice, sandpaw- brown tabby tom

Leaftail- black she-cat with blue eyes

Frostpelt- light grey tom with blue eyes

Airheart- white tom with black legs

Apprentice, icepaw- grey she-cat

Woodfur- brown tabby with amber eyes

Roseclaw-Dark ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Spotnose- ginger dapple she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice, volepaw- brown tom with green eyes

Flowerstep-grey she-cat

Apprentice, yellowpaw- ginger she-cat with yellow eyes


Milkpelt-light grey she-cat with green eyes


Darkleaf- black tom

Claw clan

Leader: bone- white tom

Deputy: squirrel- ginger she-cat with long claws

Fighters (Cats that fight for the clan)

Starling-light brown tom

Heart- ginger tom

Brick- light brown she-cat

Waterfall- black she-cat

Scar- battle scared tabby tom

Rock-grey tom with one blind eye

Sky- young white she-cat

Whisper-young brown tom

Hunters (cats that hunt and sometimes fight)

Vine- brown she-cat with a white stripe under eye

Bush- grey and black tom

Dove-young light grey tabby she-cat with green eyes

Toad-grey and white tom

Outside clan cats

Keysai-Black tabby she-cat

Ember-dark grey tom with grey spots

Silver- white she-cat with grey stripes

Rust- ginger tabby tom with green eyes, kittypet

Robin- pretty brown tabby with amber eyes, kittypet.

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