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Chapter 1- Chill

unknown number : hey! this is the pizza department! we're giving away free pizza. want some?

syd : pizza department? the fuck is that? never heard of it. so i reckon that you're not trust-worthy.

unknown number : bro chill. it's a prank.

syd : ruins the prank. and besides i figured.

unknown number: if you figured i'm pranking you. then why didn't you stop me?

syd: cause i wanna ride along with it.

syd: if you're a dirty-minded person i know what you mean by it.

unknown number: who said i thought if that? and hi i'm lucifer.

syd: hi lucifer. i'm australia.

syd: is lucifer really your name?

lucifer: hahaha no i'm luke.

syd: made me think of someone i love.

luke: maybe i am the one you love.

syd: ha in your dreams.

luke: is it luke hemmings?

syd: yup, how did you think of that?

luke: i don't know it came up and i thought of it. and besides he sucks.

syd: i don't even know you but i wanna choke you to death. how could you? he's like a cute breadstick, i would eat it. hahahah

luke: you're a kinky lil shit.

sys: who said i mean it like that?

luke: ha, you got me there.

syd: yeah i did.

syd: full name?


syd: luke, you there? it's been 10 minutes.

luke: yah yah i'm here

luke: my mum called me.

syd: ah so you're australian?

luke: nope, i'm british.

syd: really?

luke: yah.

syd: too bad i'm american.

syd: remind me why i'm talking to a total stranger i didn't even knew an hour ago?

luke: cause i'm irresistable.

syd: you wish.

luke: i did. and what's your name?

syd: i didn't give you my name?

luke: nope.

syd: oh i'm sydney. call me syd.

luke: that's so fetch!

syd: bro hahahah is that a mean girl reference?

luke: yup.

syd: there are alot if similarities of you and luke.

luke: yup.

syd: or maybe you are luke hemmings.

luke: i am not.

luke: i just love that movie.

syd: same.

syd: are you like a fan of 5sos?

luke: a little, my sister loves it. but i hate that band.

syd: fave song?

luke: mine's long way home, my sister's is wrapped around your finger. cause she is a michael girl.

syd: okayyyyy, mine's heartache on a big screen, disconnected, and if you don't know.

luke: nice.

syd: yeah, goodnightttt! stranger.

luke: it's like 10 am here.

luke: goodnight stranger.

hey dudes! it's me ahhahhaa. i made this story on my notes cause i'm bored and this was in like 2014-ish but whatever you like. i love the idiots in this story. and yeah, please vote, comment, and follow me. Thank you!

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