; chapter eleven

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recap: ally & joey are on tour
—— *skip to arriving at home* ——
I became really good friends with everyone on tour & i'm sad everyone had to go home but I'll see them again sometime soon hopefully.

anyways, we just landed & are getting our luggage then we're gonna meet our moms at the cars.

we walked out of the airport & to our moms. as soon as my mom saw me, she engulfed me in a hug. "aw, I missed you so much."-mom. "I missed you too mom."

after we hugged, Joey & I switched moms.

Jen also engulfed me in a hug. "I missed you hunny."-Jen. "I missed you too." Jen is like my 2nd mom which is great because she's sooo nice & giving.

after we greeted them I hugged & kissed Joey bye, then my mom & I left to go home.

when I walked in, Maisie ran over to me & hugged me. "normally I don't do this but..." she said which made me laugh. " I missed you Mais." "missed you too."-M. I went upstairs to my room & unpacked then passed out.
————— *next day* —————
I woke up at like 1pm but didn't feel like doing anything so I lazed around, got food, watched a movie then all the sudden I checked my phone for the time & it said 10pm. I checked ig quickly then went to bed.
————— *next day* —————
i woke up at like 1pm again by something hitting my hip. I opened my eyes to see Joey jumping on my bed.

"Joseph. what are you doing?" "jumping on your bed."-J. "well could you stop?" "nah."-J. I put my arm out & grabbed his leg so he'd fall & to my advantage, he fell completely off my bed. "ow."-J. "sorry but you weren't gonna stop." I said shrugging.

"whatever. get up!"-J. "no thank you." I said putting a pillow over my head. "um yes." he said grabbing the pillow off of me & throwing it at me. I made a puppy dog face & said ow. "i'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you." he said caressing me. that's what I love about this boy. he cares about me so much.

"it didn't actually hurt." he got up & walked out my door.

I immediately got out of bed & ran into the hall & jumped on him. "i'm sorry. I love you jojo." I said smiling. "I love you too. now go get changed & stuff. then come downstairs." he said walking downstairs. "don't forget your penny board."-J.

i changed into ⬇️

& washed up, then went downstairs

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& washed up, then went downstairs. "ok let's go to my house, I need my penny board."-J. "k." I said & we walked to him house.

we walked inside to see Sophie & a girl who looked about her age, dancing really crazily. "um..what?" I asked Joey. "I have no idea."-J. "Sophie?" I asked & she turned her head. once she saw us, she ran over to me & yelled "Ally!"-S. "hey!" I hugged her.

I know most people wouldn't be friends with their boyfriends little sisters but she's so funny & nice. & it's not like she's 10, she's 15 so i can actually talk to her about stuff.

"wow you're so nice Sophie." Joey said sarcastically. I laughed. "Joey!" the girl, who i'm assuming is Sophie's friend, said running over & hugging him.

for some reason I was kinda jealous. it was a weird feeling in my stomach. she's only like 15 so i shouldn't be worrying.

Joey gave me a 'help me' kinda look so I interrupted their hug by introducing myself.

"hi i'm Alaska." "i'm Giselle."-the girl (a/n: she is Sophie's actually friend btw. also I have nothing against her, I just wanted to use someone real.) I gave her a genuine smile but she just glared at me. ok a little rude? i guess she doesn't like me. I didn't even do anything but whatever.

"ok well we're gonna go penny boarding so i'm gonna go get my board."-J. "ok. Ally, text me if he gets annoying."-S. "will do." I said winking at her as she walked away. Joey got his board then we left.


ok guys i'm really sorry this is so short & horrible...wait what am i talking about? this book is trash lol but it's true. i've been studying for finals & i'm pretty reading to kms. like my teacher didn't even warn us like um ok thanks.

anyways, hope all y'all enjoyed love u to the max bye xx

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