Froakie's adventure begins

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Hi I'm froakie and I live with the professor core. He's the professor of the core region. The core region is great there's pokemon from all over the world. Anyway I also live with other starters like charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur, chikorita, fennekin, litten, and pretty much every starter. It's nice to live with the professor and pokemon but today is the day that prof. Core gives out a free starters to new trianers. I hope I get picked.

1 hour later

The new trainers are coming in to pick their new pokemon. They start taking pokemon left and right. I see charmander get chosen then piplup then chespin. They're all leaving then only me and bulbasaur are left. This great looking kid comes in I could just tell he was gonna pick me. He walks up to me and says "you look cool" but then he walks to bulbasaur and says I chose you. It hurt so bad to not be picked. The prof closes the door and pics me up and tells me "maybe next year". Then I hear a knock the prof opens the door and there's a kid who looks like he's 11 or 12 he says he wants to get his starter and since I was the only one he picked me. As we walk out the door this kid steps in front of us, he tells my trianer he wants to battle then I realize he's the kid who chose chespin. Classic first battle was what I thought. The prof son is always watching movies about trainers and the same thing happens after they pick their starters. Anyways my trainer accept the battle and we fight. Chespin just keeps using vine whip while I use pound, I almost fainted but got a final pound and knocked out chespin. I leveled up to level 6 and I felt stronger. We go to my trianers house where he tells his mom that he got his first pokemon. That's when I hear his mom say his name. His name is zack, I like that name. Anyways he packed some close and food then his mom gave him money to buy some pokeballs. We go to the pokemart, buy some pokeballs and go to route 1. We encounter a ratatta and I knock it out no problem. Then a starly appears and my trainer decided to catch it is weaken it the zack throws a pokeball. He catches starly first try. He let starly out of his pokeball and he was a fun pokemon. We kept going till we got to toadett town where we healed, got some lunch, then went to route 2. Our 4 encounter is a toxicroak. Zack was shocked, if you didn't know toxicroak is a hard pokemon to find in the Core region especially in route 1,2,3,4,5,12,58,71,77, and 102. Also Core is a big region if you didn't know. Now back to what is happening, Zack choses starly since I wouldn't do much damage. Starly uses gust the toxicroak uses bubble blast then starly uses gust then toxicroak uses tackle and knocks out starly, then I jump of Zack's shoulder. I use pound then toxicroak uses aqua jet and almost knocks me out, so Zack decided to throw a pokeball but toxicroak breaks free 3 more pokeballs and he caught toxicroak. We go back to toadett town and heal up. We go to the pokepark and Zack let's us all out of our pokeballs. Me and starly try to talk to toxicroak but then he starts to bully us he makes fun of how weak we look and how he knock starly out. When we leave the pokepark toxicroak starts pushing me around then I realized this is gonna be a hard adventure, but hopefully things get better.

Omega greninja here is hope you guys enjoy my origins.

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